Do you have a trip planned to South Carolina soon?

When most people think of South Carolina, they think of the capital city, Charleston. And while Charleston is certainly a great city to visit, there’s a lesser-known but equally as great city in South Carolina that is definitely worth your time. 

What city are we talking about?

We’re talking about Mt Pleasant South Carolina. There’s a chance you’ve never heard of it. But trust us, after you visit, it will probably become one of your new vacation spots. 

What are the best things to do in Mt Pleasant?

Check out this guide to find out!

1. Wander Through the Old Village District 

If there’s one thing that South Carolina is known for, it’s old historic houses and big trees. 

If you want to have your Instagram-worthy moment in such a setting, then the Old Village District in Mt Pleasant is the place to go. 

The origins of this district go as far back as the 18th century, where the area was originally a summer destination spot for wealthy Charlestonians

Now, this place is home to an eclectic bunch of retirees, professionals, and young families. 

You could easily spend a day here, admiring all the old houses and strolling through the huge oak trees. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll even find apartments in Mt Pleasant that you want to live in so you can spend as much time here as you like. 

Also, if there’s a local event going on in the area, it’s sure to take place at the main street of the Old Village District, so be sure to stop by there just in case. 

2. Explore Nature 

The great thing about Mt Pleasant is that you can get a dose of the city life while still being just steps away from peaceful nature. 

In Mt Pleasant, there are two big spots where nature lovers go: Shem Creek and Francis Marion National Park. 

Shem Creek is a great spot for both kayaking and paddleboarding, and it also has a 2,200-foot boardwalk that you can stroll along as you take in the scenery. 

And, Shem Creek has a pretty big seafood scene that’s not to be missed. 

Francis Marion National Forest was actually a battle site from the Revolutionary War. Now, the place is all peace and love, as it’s home to 260,000 acres of forest for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to enjoy. 

3. Get a Dose of History and Culture 

Last but not least, Mt Pleasant is a great place to get a dose of history and culture. 

The Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion is a cultural arts exhibit that tells the history of sweetgrass basket making in South Carolina.

Another cool spot to check out is the Charles Pickney Historical House. Pickney was one of the main authors and signers of the US Constitution. 

Things to Do in Mt Pleasant SC: Are You Ready to Visit? 

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Mt Pleasant, SC. One could easily spend a whole week here and still feel like they haven’t seen all there is to see. 

If you are looking for more travel tips, be sure to explore our blog! 

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