Acting out or addiction?

Kiesha had just turned 17 when her mom began noticing she wasn’t acting like herself. The once all A student was skipping class, missing assignments, and picking fights over the smallest things.

If only Kiesha’s mom had known her baby girl was hooked on opioids. Perhaps then she could’ve helped her recover, by finding an appropriate drug rehab. Instead, Kiesha became yet another victim of the opioid epidemic after a fatal overdose.

Did you know that nearly half a million Americans have died since 1999 from opioid overdoses? If you suspect your loved one’s struggling with opioids or another substance, you need to act fast. Quickly identifying an addiction can make the difference between life and death.

Read on to learn 5 tell-tale signs of addiction.

1. Lack of Personal Hygiene

Lack of Personal Hygiene

First, take into account the physical appearance your loved one usually portrays. Are they normally neat and tidy person, but lately they’ve been wearing dirty clothes?

When someone stops caring about their hygiene, it’s likely that individual’s struggling with addiction, or a mental health issue. In some cases, mental health problems, go hand in hand with addiction.

We suggest you find out more about the mental health services, that certain drug rehab centers offer. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy is a service that’s proving to be incredibly helpful.

2. Social Isolation

Since the start of COVID, everyone’s experienced some amount of limitations when it comes to being social. However, someone suffering from drug addiction will even withdraw from being social online. A simple phone call can feel like a daunting task to someone who’s battling an addiction.

3. Constant Financial Woes

A big part of addiction is finding the money to buy more drugs or alcohol. Addiction also makes it difficult to hold down a job. As a result, addicts struggle with their finances on a daily basis. If someone you know used to be financially stable, but suddenly can’t make ends meet, addiction could be the cause.

4. Mood Swings and Defensive Tendencies

Moving on, let’s talk about personality changes. It’s common for addicts to take on a defensive stance when you try talking to them about nearly anything. A simple question about how their night went, can turn into a full-blown screaming match. Resist the urge to fight, and instead reach out to a drug rehab center to get better communication techniques.

5. Abrupt Changes in Sleep Habits

Abrupt Changes in Sleep Habits

Lastly, people struggling with drug addictions rarely have healthy sleeping habits, due to the nature of the substances they’re using. They either sleep way too much, or barely enough to survive. In some cases, an addiction will cause someone to teeter back and forth between being over-rested and sleep-deprived.

Reach Out To a Drug Rehab Facility

After reading the 5 signs of addiction, do you think a drug rehab is in order? Perhaps someone in your life is wasting away before your eyes, or maybe their addition is more subtle. Either way, you can’t wait to take action.

Call a rehab center today, to start the process of getting your loved one the help they need. To get the best results, we suggest you hold out for a drug addiction rehab facility that offers mental health services, along with group counseling. For more advice, read another one of our articles.