Responsible authorities has been questioned for the presence of snake into the flight traveling by the Luton Airport


At the airport of Israel a man was traveling by taking small pet snake however it kept into the container and no one get any harm by this.

On the flight passenger bring his small pet snake into the plane which made the other passenger afraid but the spokesmen told to the passengers that “You will not get harm” and after that they discovered the harmless corn snake.

During the flight the snake found on the board during the flight made uncomfortable situation for the passengers were sitting into the plane.

After that the plane members kept the snake into the small box to avoid further disturbance between the passengers.

Wacky traveler was arrested by the police for the taking snake into the flight and charged for it.

Some passenger tweeted their review at twitter about the snake .

A passenger tweeted as

“My plane is being met by police because someone brought a snake on board and whipped it out mid flight. Never a dull moment with Easyjet.”

Some passengers raised their voice against the security of the plane why have not check the passenger luggage who were traveling through the plan for keeping animals with them.

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