Throughout my life in higher education, I have had this particular thought cross my mind every year – “What will happen if I copy textual content from any scanned PDF files or image document, therefore making scanned PDF Files editable?” It is an interesting thought, in view that many instructional guides and books are saved in PDF file format, which is a good way to supplement my PowerPoint presentations. On the other hand, I never actually thought it was a sensible plan, and I simply do the tiresome job of typing the whole file to be able to get a soft copy.

Sooner or later I noticed that it’s super easy to make PDF file text-searchable as well as editable by using optical character recognition, known as OCR.

The optical character makes use of the particular outlines of the characters and figures to identify individual aspect.

As soon as this has been carried out, you can easily work with your document like with any other document.

Benefits of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. It’s a technology to extract textual content from a scannedPDF file or image data files. It makes it possible for users to copy, edit and search the written text of the scanned PDF file making scanned PDF Files editable.

What’s the best practice to OCR a Scanned PDF?

In order to OCR any scanned PDF file in Mac OS X, there are many paid and free OCR applications available on the internet making scanned PDF Files editable. Additionally, there are sites that execute OCR functions for small data files. Listed here are the most significant ones.

Every service or desktop application can help to effortlessly and effectively convert PDF file into retrievable and editable files for touch-ups or further usages. The best relies on your own requirements. If you want to OCR any PDF file not so often, you can easily choose an online service because converting one document at a time will not matter, so if you want to convert PDF into any format then SodaPDF is the right tool. If you need a highly effective and competent OCR tool, then you may have to think about a few paid ones.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat features OCR built-in, which is the most effective approach to OCR any PDF file.

PDF Converter Applications

There are many applications on the market which can convert your PDF file to various other formats for example excel, word, Html code, or even Pages.

Google Drive

Google Drive now offers an OCR features which not only allows you to revise scanned PDF file but also helps making scanned PDF Files editable by converting it to MS Word.


Mac’s built-in application can easily get the job done, open your PDF file with Preview, click on the “Text Tool” and select the particular contents you want, after that copy and paste the selected content to Word.

On the other hand, you need to see that only the textual content can be saved in MS Word making scanned PDF Files editable and right after the conversion process, all the original format, images, inbound links,and some other things will be wasted. And, it could be a new job for some tasks task if there are a lot of written text ought to be copied.

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