According to the Manager of Manchester United, David Moyes, Man. Utd. need making the signings but they aren’t under any pressure to have the players brought in.

Moyes yet has to make one significant signing and he appears to have failed with the offers for  Marouane Fellaini, Leighton Baines, Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara.

The Scot, the one whose team has to face Chelsea this Monday, wants some new faces though maintains that there isn’t any need to panic over lack of any positive news of transfer.

According to Moyes, there is the need for doing it but there is not any pressure to have it done. He said that it was something they had been talking since he got this job on the 1st of July and that he had the idea regarding where he would wish to strengthen though they wouldn’t do that since people were telling them that what they should be doing is signing players.

He further said,

“If the right players are available, great. But if not, the first thing we’ll do is encourage our own young players in the squad to do as well as they did last year.”

Also, Moyes reiterated the stance of Manchester United that to Chelsea, Wayne Rooney wouldn’t  be sold, in spite of the suggestion of Jose Mourinho that he would make a 3rd bid for this England striker following this Monday’s match.

Despite the fact that United tend to have struggled for bringing in some new players, David Moyes seems adamant that there’s value in transfer market.

It was also said by him that he believed about the value in market though he had targeted only some specific players. He said that they didn’t have any big list as there happen to be only some players who could be labeled as quality players that he wanted to bring to this club and plan is to bring one or even two if he could.

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