Around 51 people got killed when Egyptian army did open fire on the supporters of Mohammad Morsi, the ousted president, in deadliest incident from the time the Islamist leader got toppled by military 5 days ago.

The protestors said that the shooting started off while they were performing morning prayers just outside Cairo barracks, the place where it’s believed Morsi is held.

But Ahmed Ali, the military spokesman said that right at 4 a.m. armed men did attack the troops in area around compound of Republican Guard in city’s northeast.

According to emergency services, 435 people got wounded.

Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi urged the people to rise against army, threatening one escalation in the political crisis of Egypt.

In a hospital near mosque Rabaa Adawiya where the Islamists camped out from the time Morsi got ousted, rooms were quite crammed with the people who were wounded in violence, the sheets got stained with the blood and the medics ran for attending to the ones who got hurt.

dAs one immediate result of clash, Islamist ultra-conservative Nour party that initially backed military intervention, informed that it tended to withdraw from talks for forming one interim government that’s for transition to the new elections.

Ahmed Elmoslmany, one spokesman for interim presidency said that work on formation of the government will go on but withdrawal of Nour can seriously undermine the efforts for reconciling the rival factions.

Military has said the overthrow wasn’t coup, and also it happened to be enforcing will of people right after millions went out to streets to call resignation of Morsi on 30th June.

But the anti- and pro-Morsi protests that occurred in Alexandria , Cairo and the other cities resulted in the clashes on Saturday and Friday that left thirty-five dead.

Shots While Prayers Were Going On:

It was seen at one scene that 1st-aid helpers were attempting resuscitation mouth-to-mouth on a man who was dying.A footage showed the supporters of Morsi hurling rocks at the soldiers in the riot gear at a main road that was leading to the Cairo airport.

Some young men holding sticks did crouch behind one building emerging then to throw the petrol bombs and then retreating again.Rest of city mostly was calm, though the armoured vehicles of military did close bridges over Nile to the traffic following violence.

On Wednesday, military did overthrow Morsi after mass demonstrations nationwide that were led by the activists of youth demanding resignation. Brotherhood denounced intervention as coup and it vowed resistance peacefully.

A Political Impasse:

The talks over forming new government already happened to be in trouble even before the shooting of Monday, after Nour Party had two candidates for the prime minister rejected, which were proposed by the interim state head, Adli Mansour, best judge of constitutional court.

The 2nd largest Islamist party of Egyot, Nour, which is essential to give new authorities veneer of the Islamist backing told that it withdrew from negotiations in the protest at something called massacre at Republican Guard.

It said,

“The party decided the complete withdrawal from political participation in what is known as the road map.”

Scenes of the street battles that were between anti- and pro-Morsi demonstrators at Alexandria, Cairo and other cities in country alarmed the allies of Egypt.

Quite A Bitter Blow

Many Islamists consider overthrow of Morsi to be bitter reversal which raised the fears of return to suppression which they had endured for many decades under the autocratic rulers such as Mubarak.

On political divide’s other side, many millions of the Egyptians were very happy when they saw back of leader which they believed to be orchestrating state’s Islamist takeover, charge which Brotherhood has denied.

Washington hasn’t condemned takeover by military or even called it coup, prompting the suspicion within Brotherhood that tacitly it does support the overthrow.

US President Barack Obama ordered review to determining whether the annual assistance of US of $1.5bn, mostly which goes to military of Egypt, needs to be cut as was required by the law if military of country ousts a leader freely elected.

Egypt could ill afford losing foreign aid. Country appears to be headed for funding crunch till it could quickly access the money from the overseas. Local currency also has lost 11% value since last year.

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