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Markets Tend To Be Going Nowhere

For the economy as well as the markets, this is supposed to be quite an important week, though it has not really started as yet but when it does, everyone expects something interesting to come out of it for them.

The actual fireworks will come into play just as soon as tomorrow, what with FOMC meeting and the report regarding Non-Farm Payrolls that would be at the week’s last day. So, eyes are on Friday willing it to approach quickly.

Meanwhile, everything sounds to be somewhat quiet in most of the markets. There isn’t any surprising or out of the blue happening anywhere.

Japan did snap its streak of losses, with the gain of around 1.5%. Also, the stock markets of China rallied.

US futures as well as European markets seem to be somewhat up, though there is not anything going on that will be worth any mention.

Australian dollar, on the other hand, had rough night, over the weak data as well as the dovish talk. This probably happens to be quite an exciting thing, in fact most exciting of all other news to do with markets.

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