Do you want to know the secrets to a successful marriage – well if so read on and learn – we’ve a great selection.

1. Tell Your Spouse How Much You Love Them

When you have been married for a long time, you will realize that the kisses you used to give with so much passion have turned into a peck on the cheek and at times that can even turn into not looking up from the screen. In fact, some people have found that over the course of time they start to fall into a comfortable routine that is going to happen in the marriage. That is where you may find some danger! According to professionals most of the time when men have cheated according to a lot of studies it has not been over sex, but emotional connection. The men who do not feel like they are appreciated by their wives tend to give in easier to the glances that other women have. The same is going to hold true for women as well.

Think of the film “Annie Hall, in this film Woody Allen compares sharks and relationships. They have to constantly go forward or they die off. Most people think he is correct.

2. Remember Please And Thank You

If you are the type who is constantly keeping score of everything you are not alone. A good example is I did the kids closets so you get to do the basement. Something else that is common is I moved here when we got married, but now my job has me moving here. Then you have the big one of I started sex last time so now you can. This is just going to be playing tit for tat, though, and is going to lose some of the trust with your partner. If you do keep score, make sure you just track the positives of the day which will then let you thank them later. Maybe they will take the hint and do it for you as well.

3. Be Honest Even If You Are Embarrassed

Credit cards are evil, but when you start to hide the bills you better believe it will come back to hurt you. Eventually you will need to get something like a home loan or take a vacation, but when you have these types of hidden secrets they will come up then and you cannot even do what you want to do. You will find that infidelity does not always happen in the bedroom it can come from money as well. You will notice that it can be hard to get your spouse to trust you again if you have overspent.

If you find that you are not connecting the way you used to, then you should say something right away. You do not want to repeat the hard lessons so many people have already done. You will want to make sure the issues are talked about when they happen, instead of festering for months. If you do this, then you could end up having to seek out marriage counseling to get back on track. You will also have to keep telling yourself that things are going to get better at some point.

4. Make Sure You Look Good

When you get older and settled in it is easy to let yourself go. This is when you should think about how you looked when you first met. Would you have went out in sweatpants that were stained to the ninth degree? Probably not. Not saying you should look like a supermodel at night, but it is nice for a change. You will see that some couples have went from the Huxtables into the Connors and seen the marriage fail.

At times you will even get a compliment from your spouse about how you are looking when you go out the door. When this is the case, you will want to make sure you do the same thing for them from time to time.

5. Keep Relationships Outside Of The Marriage

I have been taking girl trips as long as I have been married to my husband. Yes, I love doing this because it gives me time away. However, these weekends are great with my friends. We swap stories and have new experiences which makes me more interesting for my spouse to be around. In fact, even stars like Barbara Streisand have talked about the secret to marriage success is time away from each other. It often gets that way because the phone calls are romantic. You just need to have some type of distance apart from each other for the romance to rekindle.