Maximise Your Joy While Sitting At A Desk All Day

Long hours spent sitting at your desk can become uncomfortable without the right chair to support you. Here we take a look at the things you need to consider when selecting an office chair from Office Reality, or other trusted retailers, things that will maximise your joy while sitting at a desk all day.

Here are some Ideas

Back support

Lower back pain and shoulder tension are two of the most commonly reported ailments amongst those who work in offices or sit at desks for prolonged periods of time. When looking for your perfect office chair it is important to consider how much support your back needs and how the chair’s design can offer this. First, take note of how you position yourself in the chair. Your sitting position will give you a good idea about where on your back you need support. Look for a chair that offers an ergonomic design that caters to the areas of your back that you have identified. A chair that offers a good range of adaptability and flexibility will change and grow with you, bringing you the maximum amount of comfort and joy as you sit at your desk all day.

Seat width and padding

Whilst some of us like to cross our legs as we work, some like to spread out and make the most of the space available. Consider your sitting style when looking for the perfect office chair as this will determine what type of seat you need and the width required. The shape of the seat should also be taken into account as this can have an effect on the comfort rating and the way in which it fits beneath your desk. Think about whether you want a hard or soft seat and if an additional cushion is a good idea.

Wheels or fixed feet

Some jobs required movement and fluidity whereas for other workers a solid, stationary approach is favoured. Think about whether wheels or fixed feet better suit your needs by thinking about the work and range of movement that you carry out. You should also take the floor surface into consideration as well when deciding whether to opt for a wheeled or fixed feet chair.


Chairs can offer a range of adjustment options and it is important to consider which ones matter to you. For some people, the ability to recline slightly is an essential element when looking for a new office chair that will maximise their joy as they work. Whereas, for others height adjustment is the key factor that needs to be considered when making their choice. Regardless of what is the most important factor for you, selecting a chair with a high level of adaptability is a good idea as it will be able to evolve to meet your needs as you use it.


The addition of armrests is a personal preference, with some people finding them an obstacle and others claiming that they simply could not work without them. Think about how far from your desk you are positioned when you work as a chair with armrests will change how close you can get to the desk in some cases.

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