Kaiser Permanente offers an online portal which provides a complete health information system that integrates all the available health records. This online platform connects securely more than nine million people through their health care teams, the latest medical information and personal health data that supports comprehensive approaches to all available health care system.

Last 2010, it was able to complete their implementation plan of KP Health Connect in major health facilities. So at present, it has more than 533 medical offices and around thirty seven hospitals. The system they introduced can facilitate communication between KP members and various health professionals to make personal health management a whole lot easier for all its members. From the development to implementation and maintenance of KP’s Health Connect is by itself a billion dollar strategic venture not only for the company but for the members as well.

How To Register?

In order to sign up and register for Health Connect program so you can access your health manager, you will need a computer with access to internet. You will also be required to present your medical record number. See below for the complete instruction on how to sign up and register.

  • The first step is to visit members.kp.org .
  • On the front page, look for the “Register Now” button so you can start creating your own account.
  • When you click the register button, you will be directed to another page where you will be required to complete the member information form. Complete all the required fields and do not forget to type in your medical record number. Once completed, submit the form to proceed on the next step. Do not forget to read and agree to their terms and conditions.
  • Choose your own user ID and generate your password. You will use this information every time you log in to their website.
  • Complete the registration process and confirm the link sent to your email address. After confirming the link, you can now log into your account so you can manage your personal health information.