Miami is a world-famous vacation destination in Florida and for international travelers as well as local vacationing, Miami always has a special vibe. While the beaches and high-end resorts are probably the biggest attraction of the city, it’s really only the beginning of what you can experience in Miami. To help you prepare for your trip, here are a few of the top sites you won’t want to miss. 

Miami More than a Beach Escape

Everglades National Park 

For nature lover’s, it would be impossible to visit Miami without taking a trip to the famous Everglades National Park. Native Florida animals such as crocodiles, alligators, and a wide variety of colorful birds can be seen year-round in the park, and offer perfect opportunities for photographers in Miami. There are boardwalks you can hike on to view some of the areas, or you can book a boat tour to really experience the expanse and beauty of this incredible Florida swampland. 

Miami Beaches

By all accounts one of the top attractions for travelers and vacationers in Miami, the stunning beaches can be as relaxing or as adventure filled as you desire. South Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Miami, where you can go swimming to cool off or bask in the heat and enjoy the radiant sunshine. There are plenty of options for water sports and boat rides to add some adrenaline and excitement to your day, or just bring your beach towel and sunscreen to enjoy the sunny surroundings. With an excellent paved public path running along the length of the beach you can go for an evening stroll or a rigorous morning run with the beautiful ocean and sand for scenery. 

Miami More than a Beach Escape

Bayside Marketplace

Enjoying a perfect setting practically on the beach of Miami, Bayside Marketplace is a great place to visit for a unique shopping experience. This outdoor style mall has everything from local vendors to chic name brands all in a stylish setting. Visit the charming cafés for a delectable treat or a refreshing beverage, or browse the shops to pick up some special souvenirs to remember your time in Miami. 

Miami More than a Beach Escape

Art Deco Historic District 

A true gem of Miami, the historic art deco district alone is worth a trip to Florida. Many of the old buildings have been converted into hotels and restaurants, giving you the opportunity to really live the experience of the district. Even if you don’t stay in one of the hotels or accommodation options there, you can walk around the streets to see the pastel colored buildings and creative architecture that defines the area. Make sure you take the opportunity to get some photos to commemorate your trip to Miami. 

Miami More than a Beach Escape

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