As per the researcher study, it is found that there is 100 percent risk of dementia in woman due to high depression and anxiety in usual mid-life.

In the research of 800 different woman in the area of Sweden, it was found that those woman who have gone through the process of continuous mourning and melancholy, they usually fall in the disease of Alzheimer.

BMJ report says that there are much more risk of dementia due to continuous stress in the life.

It is also to be noticed that there are number of hormones in the brain that affects due to constant stress which can be blamed, these hormones balance obviously disturb and become the reason of this disease.

Due to disturbance of these hormones, many of changes occurs in the body, such as; blood sugar and high blood pressure.

In UK, a researcher of Alzheimer, Dr.  Simon Ridly says,

“Current evidence suggest the best ways to reduce the risk of dementia are not smoke, take regular exercise, to eat a balanced diet  and keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check”

As per research institute colleagues and Dr. Lena Johansson also depicts this factor that disturbing situation and its experience can be prolong for many years at high level.

They are also in the research that whether same situation can be occurs in men when they remain in constant situation of anxiety. They are confirming this fact with the team at institute.

In this research study, examination through battery test was taken for the women of different ages. For this purpose they did the test of women having ages limits 30 years, then in mid of 40 years or then on 50 years, this process remained continued periodically for next 4 decades.

In this research, by taking the interview of four different women, it was found that there is the element of stress such as unemployment and widowhood.

Similarly two same anxiety-full events were experienced in the same proportion, where they found that one woman has same situation as that of three and remaining ones have different experience of their anxiety.

But here is the alarming situation with these patients, 153 of women have fallen in the disease of dementia and whereas 425 have died with this constant stressful events.

Of course there is some relationship of dementia and constant stress, which are studied in the experiment of women’s back history.

However, the team of doctors are continuously researching for the treatment of this disease, they are focusing on behavioral therapy and stress management, reported by Dr. Johansson.

UK researcher of Alzheimer,  Dr.  Simon Ridley is in constant study about the fact that it has become difficult to find out whether the continuous factor of anxiety becomes the reason of dementia or it is the alarming factor of another risk in the woman. He also forecasts that this can also be due to another different factor.

No doubt, the disease of dementia is a burning fact in our lives which depends upon our environment factors, genetics and age, all these thing contributes major role for its development. However we can control the risk of dementia by periodical checkup of our cholesterol, measurement of blood pressure, by avoid smoking, avoid wine drinking, get exercise on daily basis in the morning and taking of healthy diet.

You should consult with your General Physician, if you are feeling that you remain in constant stress and this thing is disturbing your health and brain response.

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