Mike Nattrass member of independence party has recently resigned, was reported to join English Democrats.

It was confirmed that Mike Nattrass will announce for joining English democrats party this week, this news was confirmed by the chairman of the “Robin Tilbrook” of this party, and was seem happy to get his new party member again.

Recently it was reported that Mike Nattrass left this party seat because of “Nigel Farage’s” because bad politician policies after 15 years of join UKIP. He was again to the Nigel’s Leadership.

He bravely indicted him for “totalitarian regime” and stand with those members who are also against his policy.

Latest Press Release:

According to news reporter English Democrats party reliable resources told that Mike Nattrass is willing to join their party for high leadership seat for 2014 elections.

This news was confirmed more by the chairmanMr Tilbrook” statement as “”I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats.” , This make media confirm that this news is gonna true soon.

Later on it was recorded the email message of “Mr Nattrass “ as “I am not going to join the English Democrats, however I will be speaking at their conference in Leicester on Saturday, on the subject of HS2.”

When news reporter asked to Mr Tilbrook about the Mr Nattrass email message then he said, truth will come on the Saturday with some big announcements and agreements. But from his statement it was not cleared that what kind of announcement he was talking about.

Party is going to start its campaign against extraction from English Union, this party was established on 1998 and is most popular party amongst other party and have major parliamentarian seats

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