Dogs are generally regarded as man’s best friend. Dogs have been loved and preferred as truly valued companions by people everywhere. Dogs are known to keep the home safe, loyal, keep you active, make you feel less alone, relieve stress, and put smiles on people’s faces.

Are you in search of one of the newest designer breeds of dogs? Then, the Mini Hippo Dog might be of interest to you. The Mini Hippo Dog is a medium-sized dog. It’s an awesome dog for small, medium, and large families.

Mini Hippo Dog Breed

Mini Hippo Dog Breed

The Mini Hippo Dog (Cocker-Pei) is a relatively modern breed, hence, its historical documentation is almost non-existent.

A purebred Cocker Spaniel and a Chinese Shar-Pei have been crossed to create this designer Mini Hippo Dog. The dog gets its name from its hippo-like face, which is huge and square. It is also known as a Cocker Pei.

Before opting to crossbreed the Shar-Pei with the Cocker Spaniel, breeders carefully examined the characteristics and temperaments of both dogs. The end result was a cute puppy with the best of both breeds’ traits.

Chinese Shar-Pei Characteristics

The Shar-Pei is an ancient breed of dogs that are strongly loyal to its owners but less so to strangers thus, making them excellent watchdogs and companions. They have long and broad noses. The name “Mini Hippo” was derived due to its resemblance to a hippopotamus’s snout.

The Shar-Pei dogs are self-sufficient, clever, and devoted. They have a peaceful disposition in general, but they are apprehensive of strangers and other canines and will usually alert everyone.

Cocker Spaniel Characteristics

They have become one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They are laid-back pups that enjoy playing. A spaniel will enjoy running around but is also capable of engaging in more strenuous activities. The cocker spaniel, as a sporting breed, enjoys exercise but does not have the same need to “burn off energy” as some other breeds. Because most spaniels have a lovely and lengthy coat, grooming should be taken seriously. It’s well worth the extra time!

Cocker Spaniels are energetic and playful dogs. Because their tails are constantly wagging, they’re known as ‘happy’ dogs. Cocker Spaniels have become popular family pets, despite their origins as gun dogs.

Cockers are people-oriented dogs who enjoy being surrounded by humans all day. They’re quite versatile and may live in either the city or the countryside, as long as they have a safe and comfortable place to run around. Cocker Spaniels are recognized for being quite friendly and may make excellent pets for the appropriate owners no matter where they live.

Mini Hippo Dog Traits

Mini Hippo Dog Traits

The Cocker-Pei have their popularity on the rise right from the time they were introduced. They are a newer breed of dogs. Thus, everyone might not be familiar with them yet. They are one of these cutest new dogs available. Their noses can be either black or pink. Their eyes could be black or green.

The ears of the Cocker-Pei are floppy. They will have a strong bite and large webbed paws if they take more after their Shar-Pei parent. The tail can range in length from modest to lengthy. They weigh between 40 to 60 pounds and are great at being companions. They are loyal, protective, intelligent, social, calm, eager to please, and alert. All these characteristics make them a unique breed of dogs whom everyone will love to have.

The energy level of a Cocker-Pei is low to moderate. They have short, sleek hair and are huge, stocky dogs. They have sweet wrinkly faces. They are low-shedding, low-maintenance dogs. The Cocker-Pei is said to be a pleasure to possess by their owners. They aren’t a part of the American Kennel Club because they are a mixed breed.

The Mini Hippo puppy shares characteristics of its parent dogs – the purebred Cocker Spaniel and the Chinese Shar-Pie. It has a calm and intelligent nature like its Shar-Pei parent. The Mini Hippo puppy does not require strict training as its Shar-Pei parent. Usually, common and easy training techniques are sufficient to keep the cute puppy in check.

Like its spaniel parent, the mini hippo puppy is very social, playful, and friendly. It forms a great relationship and acts as a good companion for the family. There are limited dogs that would be better choices in this aspect.

The Mini Hippo puppy is a cute pet and it’s hard to resist petting it because of its fluffy and silky fur. It is also extremely huggable due to its chunky flabby look. It requires regular grooming with its fluffy, long coat.

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Mini Hippo Dog Characteristics

Mini Hippo Dog Characteristics


Mini Hippos usually weigh between 40 to 60 pounds and are stocky dogs. This disparity in weight is a result of the parent’s size differences. Shar-Pei is usually large and can weigh as much as 60 pounds whereas the Cocker Spaniels are relatively small dogs weighing 30 pounds and less.

Although small, these dogs will ensure doing a great job to keep your house safe. They also adapt well to apartment living because of their diminutive stature. They don’t require a lot of space, and as long as you take them for a few daily walks, they will do great in a small apartment.


They are usually calm, affectionate, social, and patient breeds. They are gentle and do not attack other pups or humans. They are usually good with other dogs if socialized at an early age. They are easy to train. Mini Hippo Dogs are quiet.

Do not be bothered if your mini hippo puppy is too quiet. Their silence is normal and they do not bark a lot thus, it is an awesome choice if your neighbors are likely to complain about pets making noises.

However, because the Shar-Pei has a hunting instinct, it is safe if the Cocker-Pei is not walking off-leash. Cocker-Peis are excellent watchdogs and loyal companions. Mini Hippos sometimes indicate when they are unhappy by beginning to bark or by a change in behavior.


As the name implies, Mini Hippos aren’t the biggest dogs available. However, Mini Hippo Dogs can be as tall as 14 to 20 inches, depending on the parent they take after- either the Chinese Shar-Pei or the Cocker Spaniel. Do not be deceived by the “mini” in their name.


Mini Hippo Dogs are gentle, intelligent, and loving dogs who get along well with children. Shar-Pei’s watchdog characteristics make them great guard dogs, while their hunting genes from Cocker Spaniels make them alert, agile, and clever. The Mini Hippos are definitely not scary, unlike their water-living counterparts (hippopotamus) that can be terrifying.

They are friendly, and cute pups that people love to cuddle. Because of the differences in their parents’ personalities, Mini Hippo Dogs can have a wide range of personality traits. These dogs are self-sufficient, but they enjoy being near people. They are obstinate, yet they are also obligated to please their owners.


Mini Hippo Dogs can be stubborn, but they are anxious to please their owners. It’s a snap to train them in general. Cocker-Peis are intelligent and will try to get their way during training either by appealing to your emotions or by entirely ignoring you, but if you demonstrate firmness, you can keep them on track.

Exercise Requirement

The Shar-Pei has a low energy level while the Spaniels have a high energetic level. Thus, Cocker-Peis are usually fairly active, but unlike some other extremely active dogs, their activity does not become destructive if they are not exercised regularly.

To prevent obesity, daily walks and exercises are required. Keep physical exercise to a low level for these dogs because they grow fatigued and overheat rapidly, hence, they are susceptible to heatstroke. During the summer months, the dogs are best walked under shades. These Cocker-Peis love to dig and explore so they should not be left alone and unattended as they may dig their way out.


The food requirements of your Cocker-Pei can be met by feeding 2.5 to 3 cups of dry kibble per day. To keep the dog nourished throughout the day, divide it into two meals. If these dogs eat too many calories, they will become obese, therefore don’t give them any snacks in between meals. Diets of high quality should be low in carbs, fats, and filler materials but high in protein.

Coat type

Coat type

Cocker-Peis have a smooth, velvety, wrinkled coat that makes them look like they’re dressed up in a dog costume. The Cocker-Pei may have one of three coat types, depending on which parent the Mini Hippo takes after:

  1. Bear coat – In Cocker-Peis, the bear coat is the most desirable. This coat is the longest of the three, with almost an inch of silky, wavy fur. This coat is similar to that of a Cocker Spaniel, except it is shorter.
  2. Horse coat – This coat has a strong, gritty texture to it. The hair on this coat type is the shortest of all coat types, usually at 3/4 inches.
  3. Brush coat – Brush coat is a hybrid of bear and horse coats. It has silky, gleaming fur with a medium length that glistens. A brush coat is velvety in texture, usually less than an inch long. It is the most common type of fur Mini Hippos can have.


The length of the Cocker-Pei’s coat determines how often it has to be groomed. Because the bear coat sheds more than the horse coat, the horse coat requires less maintenance. Your Cocker-Pei will need to be bathed once a month, and brushed at least twice a week, regardless of coat type.

Coat Colors

Cocker-Pei is available in black, fawn, chocolate, gold, red, blue, silver, cream, tan, and brown hues. The color of the parents’ coats affects the color of the offspring. Thus, the Cocker-Peis would inherit one of their parents’ coat colors.

Excellent Defenders

Don’t be fooled by the droopy eyes and cute face. Cocker-Peis are watchful, intelligent, and protective of their owners’ possessions. They get it from Shar-Peis, which were once renowned as excellent guard dogs in ancient China.

How Much Does A Mini Hippo Dog Breed Cost?

If you intend to buy a Mini Hippo puppy, keep in mind that while they aren’t inexpensive, they aren’t as pricey as other dog breeds. A miniature Hippo puppy can cost between $350 and $650. However, the price will vary depending on the age of the Hippo puppy, rescue or shelter for local dogs, immunization, neutering, in-store coupons, etc for the puppy.

It is far lower than purchasing the Shar-Pei or Cocker Spaniel for about $1,000 to $2,000. Instead, you get both the Shar-Pei and the Cocker Spaniel qualities at a reduced cost.

Mini Hippo Dog Health Issues

Mini Hippo Dog Health Issues

Designer breeds are usually very healthy, but with Mini Hippos, there are some health issues you need to consider.

These dogs are susceptible to mild seasonal allergies. They are sensitive to some dog foods, essentially those with corn and wheat. Avoid feeding them grains.

The cocker-Pei breed can develop the condition known as “cherry eye” because of their sensitive eyes. Bulging of the third eyelid from the eye socket. This makes the eye inflamed and red. There is no other treatment for this condition than surgery, thus you should endeavor to dedicate time to cleaning your puppy’s ears and eyes.

They are also prone to having ear infections. Clean the ears regularly to avoid excess wax from building up. Their big, floppy ears easily hide what’s beneath thus, any disease may not be discovered until it’s too late. If the Hippo dog scratches its ears more than usual or weird smells come from the ear, be quick to get in touch with the local vet available.

Brush your Mini Hippo’s teeth frequently to prevent dental infections, food accumulation, and, worst of all, rotting.

The folds of the Mini Hippo Dog can serve as breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and diseases. They can get unpleasant skin infections if they don’t clean their coats sufficiently or dry them after bathing.

Aside from the above, these are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Simply maintain a balanced diet and clean eyes and ears, and they will live a long and healthy life.

Taking Care Of A Mini Hippo Puppy

Raising and caring for a Mini Hippo puppy is quite similar to raising and caring for any other puppy. The first thing to figure out is the puppy’s nutritional requirements. Next, be mentally prepared for the teething phase, which can be a difficult time for both you and your puppy.

Toys for mental and physical stimulation of the puppy’s developing brain are also required. Potty training and socialization with the owners and other people and animals are the next steps, with potty training and socialization with the owners and other people and animals being the most important. You’ll receive a well-behaved dog to enjoy for many years if you put in a little more work during your puppy’s first year.

In conclusion, hybrid dogs are normally healthier than their parents, and they are typically bred in a better environment than many purebred dogs. Just keep in mind that while adopting a new pet, you should always look for reliable breeders. This way, you’ll be informed of your dog’s genetic history and know what to expect. Mini Hippo dog breeds make wonderful family pets and will undoubtedly make their owners’ lives more pleasant.