You have to walk up a narrow staircase to access the garage. It is close to the kitchen, so you usually use it as an extra storage space for food items, pottery, and office supplies. Your garage may not be used much, but when you do need it, some things can make your garage look stunning.

Minimalist Design: Garage Look Stunning

Here are some tips on how you can save time and money while making sure that your garage looks fantastic all year round.

1) Update Your Flooring

Update Your Flooring

The flooring in your garage is probably the most tedious part. If it already has a concrete surface, you could give it a new look by painting it with concrete paint. There are different stroke and sheen options that you can choose from based on your preference or taste. It would help if you also considered giving the walls of the garage a fresh coat of paint. The color combinations will depend on what appeals to you, but check out some photos online if you want an idea.

Amateur designers often make mistakes because they like putting together things that don’t match. For instance, you may have a concrete floor but an elegant wooden shelf in your garage. To avoid this disaster, choose epoxy floor coating, like full-flake and metallic epoxy, for the flooring in your garage. If you do not want to use tiles because they are heavy, opt for vinyl instead; it looks classy too.

2) Use Complementary Colors

If you love interior design, this tip might appeal to you more than others: use complimentary colors and apply them throughout. For example, orange and blue would make for an excellent combination. Instead of painting one wall blue and another orange (which may seem like a good idea at first), paint both walls the complementary orange color. If you have two garage doors, you can choose different types of door materials and paint one blue and one orange. Having contrasting colors in different parts of the garage makes the design interesting while ensuring that your surfaces are cohesive throughout.

3) Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting up your garage is possible through under-counter lighting or overhead lights. The advantage of under-counter lighting would be that it will not get in the way when people go in and out of the door. Still, chances are, if your garage serves as storage space, then it might be difficult for electricians to reach all the outlets needed for electricity. So make sure that you place them well so that there are no dark corners.

You don’t want too many lights in your garage because they will take away from the decor’s beauty. Instead of using several bulbs placed at different spots, opt for a single bright light in the middle of your garage. This will be all you need to have good lighting for the space.

4) Make Use Of The Shelving Units

Make Use Of The Shelving Units

Shelves can be handy for keeping items in the garage organized while making them look good at the same time. There are different types of racks that you can install on principle while considering their function too. For example, the best shelf to use would be a pallet shelf with brackets because they are sturdy, space-efficient, and made of recycled wood! You can find them easily online, or ask friends who work in construction if they know any suppliers.

5) Set Up A Work Station

A workstation is ideal if your garage doubles as an office. You can even opt to use the space for other purposes like a mini-art studio or pottery workshop! Whatever you decide to do with it, be sure that enough lighting and power sources are available. Also, don’t forget about safety! Limit yourself to one or two workstations at most because more than that will impede the traffic flow of the garage.

6) Add A Rug And Flowers

Rugs make spaces cozier, so adding one to your garage is something to consider. If you have an area where most people step in, you should place a rug there. Also, it will make it easier to clean the flooring because people would have already dirtied the rug instead of your garage floor. Flowers are also suitable for adding color to your space! They also help with air circulation, so consider planting some in clay pots or any vases that you may have lying around the house.

Adding plants to your garage is another way of bringing nature indoors without making it look too cluttered. If you do not want to spend much money because these may die very fast, opt for houseplants like herbs that are easy to maintain indoors. Using potted flowers with bright colors will also make your garage look gorgeous all year round.

7) Use Open Spaces

Your garage may be small, but it should be able to accommodate furniture like cabinets and shelves without occupying too much space itself. To make your garage look bigger, things like cabinets can take away from the beauty of the area if they are placed against the wall because they will make it look smaller. Instead, use open spaces so that you can put these objects in different positions without worrying about obstructing other areas or making them look full. By using minimalist design principles, your garage will always look stunning without having to spend too much time or money.

8) Use Wallpaper

Use Wallpaper

If you feel artistic, wallpaper is another way for you to transform your space into something that looks unique. You can use this idea in the garage, but it must be a design that will look nice with concrete because these two things have detailed textures and colors. If you do not want to go through the hassle of installing wallpaper yourself, hire a professional instead, or ask them if they know someone who could help you out. They often have ties with local designers so that they could refer you to someone specializing in garage renovation projects.

These are some of the easy yet effective ways to make your garage look stunning. By following these instructions, you should transform your space into something that looks modern and conducive to relaxation. Of course, all this can be done without spending too much time or money, so long as you have the willingness to do it yourself.

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