6 Mistakes with Purchasing RVs and How to Avoid Them

Imagine being in the great outdoors but without leaving the comfort of your home. Sound impossible? It’s not if you get yourself an RV.

RVs can cost as little as $10,000 and give you a home out on the road. They provide the most important amenities you could ever need. But with such a large market for these homes-on-wheels, it’s easy to make mistakes with purchasing RVs.

All types of RVs have their sketchy brands and lemons. So before you check out any new and used RVs, keep reading. Let’s discuss just six of the mistakes you should avoid when on the hunt for an RV.

1. The Biggest Mistakes With Purchasing RVs: Buying Without an Inspection

RVs are big, complicated machines. They’re an entire mobile house and understandably have finicky wiring and systems. With normal wear, just as in any house, things are going to break.

An inspection saves you from small issues up to big ones. If there’s a problem, you can renegotiate the price or avoid all the hassle and find new RV’s for sale.

2. Not Comparing RV Prices

There are so many brands to choose from and so many sellers. RVs are a popular item with a robust market. Like with phones and cars, there are certain brands that are more reliable–or more budget.

Make sure to compare prices from one local RV dealer to the next. Don’t just buy the first RV you find.

3. Buying an RV Without Common Amenities

Sometimes, you’ll stumble on an excellent deal. The problem is this RV is a fixer-upper. The bathroom doesn’t work, or some of the lights don’t function.

Avoid fixer-uppers unless you are 110% sure you can fix it. It will almost always take more time and money than you think it will. You need those common amenities, and many of them are harder to fix than they appear.

4. Buying a Too-Small or Too-Big RV

Make sure your RV meets your size needs. Spend time inside with the family. Try to imagine being in this thing for a long trip and how comfortable you will feel.

5. Not Getting an Insurance Policy

You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, and the same goes doubly so with an RV. This thing is a heavy tank that will demolish anything it runs into. Insurance plans are curated to car types, so buying the wrong insurance could leave you without coverage.

6. Not Being Aware of Height Restrictions

Most RVs can get under most overpasses. But an RV cannot enter a drive-thru or a parking garage. Keep the height in mind, and always pay attention to where you are entering.

Get an RV Today

RVs are the best way to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comforts of home. However, RVs are a huge investment that can be less than satisfactory. Make sure to avoid the above mistakes with purchasing RVs, and you’ll be just fine.

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