Sale of the mobile phones has been authorized by the departments of Treasury and the State Department along with other devices for communication, services and software to Iranians while lifting some restrictions that were intended to have the Iranian people empowered as the efforts by their government are intensified to stifle Iranians access to the information.
Shift marks tat first time the iPhone by Apple could be exported to Iran legally.
In one press release, Treasury Department of US said that US would continue taking action for helping Iranian people get freedom of the expression while the government of Iran tries to have its people silenced by cutting their communication between each other as well as with the world. He also said that Iranians should get to access and communicate information without having reprisals by the government of Iran.

However, the license of general sales wouldn’t authorize export of equipment to Iranian government as well as any individual list in Specially Designated Nationals list that includes whose using communication technology for intimidating and silencing Iranian people.

Foundation for Innovation and Internet Freedom’s executive director, Joshua Lamel has welcome this move.

He said that the communication and information technology had played critical role to enable freedom and openness globally. He further said that important role that this technology could play has been taught to us by Arab Spring and this seems to be a step by US for fostering open and free Iran.

Move comes only ahead of elections of June 14 in Iran. Prominent role is being played by social media in elections of 2009 which returned to power President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Opposition protesters of Green Movement used social media to a great extent to organize the street demonstrations.

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