The trends in interior design change as the years pass and it can be difficult to keep up with these design changes and stay current. For those who don’t know, one of the most common trends in modern interior design has been the popularity of minimalist living spaces, which are often seen in television shows and films.

Modern interior design tips and trends for 2020 are still evolving, and they can change from year to year. You might even choose to redesign your entire space if you really want to be the most contemporary you can be in your interior décor.

Check the modern interior design tips and trends this year by reading below.

1. Install Blinds for a Modern Look

Upgrade your bedroom into a modern space by considering installing blinds from Make My Blinds. Blinds can help to give your room an updated look without having to spend a lot of money on something like a new bed frame. This is especially important if you are going with a contemporary design. It is easier to get this look when you can use just one thing to create this effect. Homeowners want everything to be as fresh as possible, and in this case, the use of blinds can help you accomplish this.

Here are some design tips using blinds to create a modern look:

  • One of the most popular styles of blinds are the ones that come with French shutters, which are easy to install and come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Because of this, they can easily blend in with a contemporary look.
  • Some of the different materials that can be used to create blinds are fabric, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic. Installing a faux wood blind creates a very nice look without requiring a lot of maintenance.
  • Consider the style of blind that you would like to match the style of furniture.
  • If you are planning on installing wood blinds, you will want to make sure that you choose the right type of wood that will complement the look of the rest of the furniture. For instance, you don’t want to get a wood blind that has very strong wood grain because it will clash with other fabrics or wood.

2. Play with Colors

Most contemporary houses favor neutral colors for both the interior and the exterior. Neutral colors and tones are classic and more likely to have lasting appeal throughout the years, regardless of the current trends. It is also easier to find pieces to match or complement each other when you are working with a neutral palate. If you find a neutral palate too monochromatic for your tastes, you can easily add colorful accents such as an accent wall, art pieces, and furniture. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

3. Use of Light and Shadows

Some modern interior design tips and trends for 2020 also involve the use of light and shadow. It’s a perfect example of how an individual’s personal tastes can influence their decorating choices.

Here are some tips when using light and shadows for modern interior design:

  • For a dark and brooding room and has lots of wood, you should look to use darker colors. If you are trying to make your space lighter, then you will probably want to use lighter colors.
  • Because modern lighting is so easy to install, it is now possible to have your whole home lit and there is no need to worry about not having enough light. With the right balance of light and space, you can make your room as warm and comforting or cool and chic as you would like.

Modern Interior Design

4. Emphasize Flow of Space

Modern interior design tips and trends for 2020 also emphasize the importance of keeping in mind the space’s flow. You will be able to create a well-balanced and harmonious area if all of the pieces are properly arranged. So, when you are deciding on furniture for your home, remember to think in terms of square footage and layout. For a minimalist space in particular, arranging your pieces to create a comfortable space without having the room feel too bare and bland is a key part of creating your perfect home design. For those who favor a more maximalist approach, think about how you are curating the space and how you want to direct the eye and the flow of movement through your space.

5. Choose the Perfect Theme

When considering your interior design, it’s best to work with a theme or unifying concept in mind. That makes it easier for you to make choices about color and furniture if you know what you want the final product to feel and look like.

Depending on your vision and what you already have to work with, you may be able to use much of the décor you already have. You may decide to take an old piece and turn it into something that matches the current style. For instance, you might have an old dining set in your living room that, with the right refinishing and remodeling, can be converted into a more updated piece. And, while you are renovating it, you can incorporate other modern furniture into the room to complement the new look.

6. Incorporate Glass Design

A favored element of the modern house is glass. Large-windowed walls, sliding glass doors, and larger windows are excellent ideas for a new home remodeling or home design project. Whether glass features are used inside kitchens, dining rooms, or master bedrooms, glass is undoubtedly one of the most versatile materials to produce a modern, dramatic, and uniquely modern interior design while offering a wide range of aesthetic opportunities.

Here are the important details about glass design elements:

  • Aesthetics should always be one of your considerations when choosing modern glass decor for your home. Glass can come with decorative accents like crystals, mirrors, and other crafty items that can accent what you already have, or be the star of the show as a central feature of a room.
  • Decorating an entire house with glass decor will give it an opulent feel, whether you choose a more contemporary look or an antique look.
  • Modern design elements such as wrought iron, silver, or chrome and delicate and intricate artwork are also very popular among homeowners seeking a classic feel.
  • Glass design elements add warmth and charm to the overall atmosphere and are easy to clean and maintain. Add a sophisticated modern design theme to your home by using glass wall decor with matching glass chandeliers and wall fountains to tie in the overall theme.


Some designers are pushing modern interior design tips and trends for 2020 into the spotlight at this time. Play with colors, lights, and shadows, incorporate glass design, and install blinds for a modern look. If you want a contemporary living space with minimal furnishings and accessories, then these designs are just what you need.

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