Blessing to the plan of America’s Boy Scouts has been given by Mormon Church, regarding the allowance of gay youths but ban on troop leaders to be gay is still intact.

Jesus Christ’s Church of Saints of Latter-day said that it was good that the group made an effort in good faith to tackle the most complex and challenging issues facing the BSA and society today.

Homosexuality isn’t considered a sin by Mormons and they also give their consent to righteous gays to keep their position in groups, which includes scouting, as reported by “The Salt Lake Tribune”.

The endorsement was hailed by Mormons who are openly gay, but they think BSA does need a policy liberal than even this.

A Mormon filmmaker who is openly gay, Kendall Wilcox, told Tribune that separating the gay leaders from gay scouts sends a troubling message to youth.

He said that he much prefers the previous proposal that would have left it up to local charter organizations to decide whether or not to include LGBT youth and leaders.

The newspaper also said that the activists of gay-rights have criticized this ban on Scout leaders who are gay as it tends to promote false stereotype about gay men that they could turn to being sexual predators too.

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