Mohammad Morsi, the Egyptian President said that army didn’t consult him before setting an ultimatum of 48 hours to resolve deadly crisis of country.He said that that a statement’s part might cause confusion in this complicated national scene and he vowed that he would stick to the plan of national reconciliation.The army warned that it would intervene if governments along with the opponents didn’t pay heed to people’s will.

However, this denies that ultimatum is anything like a coup.It was reported, meanwhile, that the foreign minister of Egypt, Mohamed Kamel Amr submitted the resignation.If it was accepted, he will join 5 ministers who already have reported to have resigned due to political crisis.

Millions rallied throughout the nation on Sunday, urging president to give up his position.Statement by army chief and defence minister, Gen al-Sisi was carefully worded.It didn’t say that the president should go. Along with the troops, army is in strategic positions at Cairo and saying that opposition and government have forty-eight hours on agreeing to way forward otherwise it would intervene with plans of its own.

The military of Egypt has been a villain and hero both for people involved in President Mubarak’s ousting in the year 2011. They were heroes for putting themselves in between the enforcers of Mubarak regime and protestors but they were later criticized much for staying in power for a long time.

Reality is that they never gave up their crucial role behind scene that includes big economic power.Without regard to where Egypt goes, army wouldn’t ever want its power to be diluted.On Monday, many protests continued with the activists ransacking and storming headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, group where the president hails from.

Opponents of President Morsi blame that he put interests of Brotherhood ahead of whole country. 30th June, 2012, he became 1st Islamist president of Egypt following the revolution in 2011 which toppled the former president Hosni Mubarak.

Barack Obama, the US President called on Mr Morsi for encouraging him so that he responds to protestors’ concerns.According to White House, “Mr Obama underscored that the current crisis can only be resolved through a political process.”

During one announcement, Sen al-Sisi described these protests to be an expression of the will of people.If demands of people weren’t met, then military will have to take the responsibility for future’s plan, he said.

Though he said that, many view his words as one coup in making.Loads of noisy celebrations were heard in Cairo when protestors interpreted ultimatum of army to be end of Morsi’s rule.

Many Tamarod (rebel)’s supporters partied late night at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Tamarod is opposition movement that’s behind protests.Meanwhile the senior figure of Brotherhood, Muhammad al-Biltaji urged the pro-Morsi supporters that they should call the families in Egyptian villages and governorates to get prepared to go to streets and also fill the squares for supporting the president.

In the Nasr district of Cairo, he said to the 1000s gathered outside mosque Rab’ah al-Adawiyah that coup of whatever sort would pass only over their dead bodies.Gun clashes were reported on Monday between the rival factions that were in Suez City, east of capital.

Later the army issued 2nd statement on Facebook page saying that it doesn’t wish to rule the country and wouldn’t overstep the role it’s prescribed.

According to one presidential on Tuesday, President Morsi wasn’t consulted before ultimatem announcement. Such action might cause confusion in national scene.The statement said, “The presidency asserts that the presidency is going on in its pre-planned path to hold a comprehensive national reconciliation.”

Due to inability of the politicians from every side to agree till now, the ultimatum of forty-eight hour makes it quite unlikely that Mr Morsi could survive in the power.Mr Morsi was given till Tuesday afternoon by opposition movement to leave the office and call the fresh elections for president, or face a civil disobedience campaign.

According to group, it collected over 22M signatures on Saturday, in support.As Amr Moussa said, “We are really hoping to save Egypt from real collapse to ruins.”On Monday, communication, legal affairs, environment, water utilities and tourism ministers resigned to show solidarity with people’s demand of overthrowing regime.

Though, Mr Morsi stayed defiant in the interview that got published this Sunday, rejecting any calls for presidential elections to be held early.

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