What Are the Most Common Causes of Foot Arch Pain?

Did you know that 25 percent of adults over the age of 45 in the United States of America have experienced significant foot pain at some point in their lives? Having foot arch pain can seem like a neverending problem, especially if you’re not sure what is causing all of the foot pain.

Finding the right foot pain treatment is important to living a full and active life, but you need to diagnose what is causing the problem before you can start relieving foot pain on a regular basis. The good news is that you’ve found this helpful guide to learning all about the primary causes of foot arch pain and the steps that you can take for foot care.

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Weight Gain

Weight gain is a big cause of foot pain in adults, and this is due to the fact that your foot arch is what is supporting the majority of your body weight. The more weight that you gain the more stress you start putting on your feet when you’re standing or walking. Getting more exercise and eating a healthy diet is one of the best solutions for arch pain relief if you’re putting on more weight.


Aging is another major cause of foot arch pain, and it’s one that you should take seriously. The bones that are in your feet will take some wear and tear but at some point, the cartilage in your feet will start to get worked away.

Ligaments will also stretch out as you get older, which causes foot pain. Having a sore feet remedy on hand is a great idea if you don’t want to let your painful feet stop you from getting the most out of your life.

Flat Feet

Having flat arches is another cause of major foot pain. This is common in the elderly as the ligaments in the foot lose their tightness and the arch starts to sag. This can also occur if you’ve experienced a foot injury during your childhood years. The flat feet themselves won’t cause you any issues with your feet, but they will result in poor posture and pain in other parts of your body.

Plantar Fasciitis

Anyone that has experienced plantar fasciitis knows well the foot pain that is associated with this chronic foot problem. This part of your body provides support from your heel to your toes, making it a prime candidate for foot arch pain. Putting your feet through extreme stress causes inflammation and consistent arch pain, especially without getting foot pain treatment.

Put a Stop to Your Foot Arch Pain Today

The first step toward finding the right food pain treatment is to identify the cause of your foot arch pain. Plantar fasciitis is a major cause of foot pain, especially if you’re on your feet a lot and you don’t take precautionary measures for your health. You will also experience foot pain if you’re gaining a lot of weight or you’re starting to get older.

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