You are having a walk on the sidewalk, and all of a sudden, you are hit by a car. Sounds scary; right? Yes, pedestrian accidents are considered to be one of the most traumatic experiences in people’s lives. It can change your life in just a fraction of a second, and the next moment, you find yourself lying on a hospital bed. Now, ask yourself- Was it my fault? If the answer is no, and the incident which turned your life upside down was caused by some other person’s carelessness, you deserve compensation for all your sufferings. If you have ever faced Los Angeles pedestrian accidents, you must get in touch with a pedestrian accident lawyer, and they will help you fight for your rights. Now, let’s have a look at the most common causes of pedestrian accidents:

  • Drivers remain distracted

Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted drivers are one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents. They may be into some other tasks, like texting, listening to music, etc. Because of these distractions, they may fail to notice the pedestrians, ultimately resulting in a collision.

  • Not obeying traffic laws

Traffic laws are important, and if you break these rules, there are high chances that you may meet with an accident.

  • Bad weather conditions

Rising Above the Misfortune 6 Steps You Need to Take After Being Hit by a Vehicle as a Pedestrian

Bad weather causes slippery roads, and it is quite difficult for drivers to stop immediately on these slippery roads. Drivers may see pedestrians crossing roads, but their inability to stop leads to an accident. So, it is advised to avoid the roads at times of bad weather, unless it is an emergency.

  • Road construction

If construction is going on roads, pedestrians may be forced to walk in areas where drivers don’t expect them, and it may lead to a collision. So, it is wise to pay more attention to the roads if any kind of construction work is going on.

Pedestrian Accidents: How To Avoid Them?

Summing Up

Now, as you are aware of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents, it is time to be more careful while you are on the roads. You must always use the crosswalk, and you must make sure that the roads are clear before crossing the roads. Unfortunately, after being very careful and attentive, if you meet with an accident, you must get in touch with a pedestrian accident lawyer to get the compensation amount you deserve.

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