Interactive Learning: 7 Most Credible Scientific Websites For Students

Everyone knows that science and technology go hand in hand and rule the world. Scientific websites have already taken a special place in college disciplines. Students from all walks of life visit scientific websites. From time to time, all students think ‘how should I write my papers in time?’ This is where science websites help. They save you time by giving credible and ready-to-use information.

Here Are the List of 7 Most Credible Scientific Websites

American Association For the Advancement of Science

The pinnacle of credibility, AAAS is an organization with a well-developed site. A design-friendly website allows you to search for scientific articles, books, studies, and reports. Other great features about ‘Triple-As’ are as follows:

  • Non-profitable organization. This means AAAS staff are scientists truly devoted to their careers. A rare case in the capitalist world, AAAS does not aim to acquire money like other business institutions would have done.

  • Promotes science advancement. AAAS makes the world a better place. It discovers new things and supports other scientific organizations.
  • A special journal. AAAS has a digital journal. Simply called ‘Science,’ the source has already sparked communication among one million readers.
  • Career Resources. If science makes you tick, you may consider working or volunteering for the organization.


Devoted to knowledge sharing, this site is one of the best scientific sources for college students. Serving a purpose to gather people around science, the site is:

  • Full of educational resources. In many ways, ScienceStage is like other credible scientific websites for students. This scientific website offers audio and video lectures, conferences, and online laboratories. The site offers a separate library with tons of text resources as well.
  • Modern and open to everyone. ScienceStage is not a common site but rather a community. Here, you can discuss your last biology project or talk to professionals in the field.
  • Ready-to-read. Too shy to talk to others – read the site’s blog.


The British Broadcasting Corporation, or shortly BBC, is the most known source of scientific news. Once the Internet was discovered, BBC created its own scientific website to reach a vast audience. We can’t blame them – these guys are really amazing.

  • Impartiality. The main feature the BBC corporation is most proud of. The organization aims to bring the truth to the audience. You will see that the BBC coverage lacks political preferences and shows maximum objectivity.

  • The organization is not ‘heavily scientific’ in its nature. Nonetheless, it covers discoveries and the events happening in the world scientific community. Students can easily access the BBC platform online, making it one of the best scientific websites for students in modernity.


This scientific website praises human curiosity. HowStuffWorks does not need a special explanation: the site corresponds to its name. The knowledge ranges from writing a scientific review to finding gems. Other unique features are:

  • A variety of topics. The site covers all things one can imagine.  However, engineering and environmental science remain the most covered topics. This is not surprising since both engineering and environmental science are promising fields.
  • Application. HowStuffWorks exists as a separate application for iPad, Android, and iPhone. After downloading the HowStuffWorks application on your smartphone, you can easily access it in a reach of a hand.
  • Narrow coverage. The vocabulary on the scientific sites is tough. Yet HowStuffWorks gives countless articles to improve your vocabulary. Never knew what ‘malachite’ or ‘entropy’ are? Well, now you know where to find them.

TED Talk

The funniest and the easiest way to stay in tune with scientific discoveries. This scientific website contains video speeches, all divided into separate categories. Regarding your subject of interest, you can navigate the site and find the source you need. Here will find one of the best sites to help with assignments online.

  • The boldest ideas. TED Talk invites scientists who will tell you about their boldest ideas. They will also teach you new ways to see the world. Very inspirational and motivating.
  • Great for non-science students. If you were always interested in biology and chemistry but pursued humanities, this site is for you. In fact, TED Talk explains the most complex phenomena without using long words.
  • It all about curiosity. Do you know the endless opportunities of electronic pills? Do you know all your human rights? If ‘no’ is the answer, check TED Talk.

Public Library of Science

The most respectable of the scientific publications reside here. The publisher distributes the most outstanding journals. This makes it an especially significant resource among other scientific websites for students.

  • High-quality research articles. If you ever have a home task to write a scientific review on a credible source, you know where to find it.
  • Free access. Yes, you can get top-notch medicine and science journals for free. No penny wasted.
  • Share and appreciate. The website works like the Sci-Hub platform. The Public Library of Science supports the open access and legal copying and distribution of science articles.
  • Blog. This is a place where you can take a quick glance at what is happening behind the community’s curtains.

National Geographic: Science and Space

Remember those colorful pictures of flying birds on the TV screen? There is a high chance you are thinking of the National Geographic channel now. One of the oldest platforms that cover scientific research, National Geographic is stunning.

  • Science and Space. Yes, this is what one of the best scientific websites for students is called. A project of National Geographic, Science and Space offers multiple shows. The majority of them are documentaries.
  • Real-life expeditions. One of the leading themes, expeditions broaden the channel’s audience. No wonder here: who wouldn’t like to see jungle survivors?
  • Amazing motto. The developers claim that they need to care about the natural world is the main thing that motivates them. A cool inspiration in the global-warming epoch.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to buy ridiculously expensive journals to enjoy the science news. The Internet allows students to find as many science sites as they need to. Moreover, working with online sources is a great way to learn which source is credible or not. We hope our article helped you find the best source to reach the scientific community.

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