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What Are the Most Popular Types of Flowers to Send?

Everyone wants to be recognized and to feel special. A great way to do this is by sending flowers to show your love or appreciation. Flowers are not only for lovers, they’re used in various ways, both personal and professional.

Before you call the florist, it’s important to know the meaning of different types of flowers. You wouldn’t want to send your manager a dozen red roses for their birthday. This gesture could quickly ignite office gossip.

When it comes to business, it’s becoming popular for business professionals to send flowers to customers or patients. Imagine having dental surgery, and the following day a fresh bouquet is delivered to your home with a note wishing you a speedy recovery. This practice falls under customer loyalty programs.

Regardless of your reason for sending some flowers, it’s essential to understand which flowers fit the occasion. This guide covers the popular types of flowers to send, so keep reading to learn how to make a perfect choice.

Roses Are Popular Types of Flowers

Roses come in numerous colors and varieties. There are various reasons to send flowers, and with roses, the color can express your sentiments. Plus, roses are beautiful flowers that often have a light fragrant scent.

Not only do you get a beautiful bouquet that will last for days, but you also get to enjoy the fragrance. Let’s explore a few roses to look for at Phillip’s Flowers.

Red Roses

Red roses are an expression of love. They are very popular on Valentine’s day but are given throughout the year on anniversaries, birthdays, and just to say “I Love You!”

White Roses

Innocence, loyalty, and purity are all symbols associated with white roses. You are most likely to see white roses at weddings or other religious ceremonies.

Black Roses

It’s easy to assume that black roses represent death. But it’s the opposite. Oftentimes black roses are used to represent a resurgence or rejuvenation after a loss.

Plus, black roses are beautiful and enhance the decor at an elegant event.

Pink and Blue Roses

Traditionally, pink and blue roses represent gender. However, they also have other unique meanings and reasons to send flowers.

Pink roses come in various shades. Pink, for example, represents femininity, style, and grace. You might send pinks flowers to say thank you or tell someone you wish them a speedy recovery.

Blue roses also have significant meaning. Blues represents originality, and dark blue roses represent admiration and love.

Green Roses

Although a rare find, green roses are perfect for nature lovers. They also stand for abundance and riches. If you know someone who has reached a pinnacle in their career or personal life, help celebrate with an elegant arrangement.

Yellow Roses

If you are unsure what color roses to send someone, the best choice is yellow roses. This flower color is the universal language for friendship.

Calla Lily

A Calla Lily is identified by its long thick stem and velvety trumpet-shaped bloom. Although white is the most popular color when sending flowers, they also come in yellow, pink, purple, and orange.

Calla Lilies signify holiness and purity. Therefore, they are often selected as accents for bridal bouquets. You’ll also see them as popular flowers around Easter.


Carnations are another popular flowers that are used in many floral bouquets. This flower is also an inexpensive alternative when creating centerpieces.

No matter the time of year, carnations are always in bloom. They are long-lasting and come in a wide variety of colors. Where roses are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, carnation bouquets see a large spike around Mother’s Day.


Consider daffodils when you’re looking to send some sunshine to a friend. They come as floral arrangements or plants that can get potted or planted into the ground.

Daffodils signify a rebirth or rejuvenation. They also are a symbol for the American Cancer Society.

If you know anyone celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary or has a birthday in March, daffodils represent those two occasions.


Daisies are a flower that is found in many gardens. You may identify them as a fun flower with white petals and a yellow center. However, daisies come in a variety of colors and species.

They make a good enhancement to floral bouquets, but the recipient can enjoy the flower year-round as an accent to their garden by sending it as a plant.


Marigolds have a spiritual connotation and it also is a plant that signifies happiness. It has thick, lush foliage in earth tones like mahogany, rust, orange, and gold.

They are the best flowers to give someone on a first date, to celebrate a long friendship, or as an act of appreciation. Consider using them as the main flower in your centerpieces if you have an afternoon summer soiree.


Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that originated in Asia. They are popular flowers that don’t require a significant occasion or reason to send someone flowers. You can do so as a gesture of friendship, express love, say thank you, or because it’s Wednesday.

The beautiful blooms come in an array of colors. People often believe they are high-maintenance because they appear to be delicate. However, orchids don’t require much care and can create new blooms year after year.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and tulips are a perfect gift. The flowers are large and come in an array of beautiful colors.

The popular flowers bloom in the spring. Try planting the bulbs in the fall and grow a tulip garden you will enjoy each year.

Send Someone Flowers Today

Today is a great day to send someone flowers. Now that you know the popular types of flowers and their meanings, you can make the perfect selection.

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