Spanish Splendid Prize

  • 14th June : Practice: At 08:55 BST, BBC Red Button
  • Venue: Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya
  • Saturday 15th June : 3rd Practice: 08:55 BST, Moto 3& Moto 2, BBC Red Button, qualifying: BBC Red Button 11:30 BST, and live qualifying 13:00 BST, online and BBC
  • Sunday 16th of June : Moto2 and 3 races: 09:45 BST, Red Button and online, MotoGP race: 12:30 BST and online, Moto GP extra: 14:05 BST

Again in Spain, back is the MotoGP in Spain and castanets would be clicking as top 3 all are Spanish as well as hungry to be victorious.

So close are championship standings that it ought to prove excellent for the Barcelona race. Jorge Lorenzo, world champion and also Dani Pedrosa look strongest but Marc Marquez couldn’t be discounted.

Aged 20, Marquez has stayed a revelation till now in the rookie season of MotoGP. He won one race, had one fastest lap and pole position and now there was this crash in one of his races for the first time.

In Italy, he made one mistake though now it’s regarding the way he tends to bounce back. In reality, he did crash in each session in Mugello, losing balance over his Honda with 198mph down long straight.

The fact that he walked off from it was incredible and more notable was the point that it seemed he had totally erased it from mind. That did not slow him while he crashed on Saturday again and once more during the race. That might denote that he is quite fearless.

He also experiences in Moto2 big crashes. He had one huge crash in 2011 in Malaysia when he got almost blind, yet another big one in Phillip Island where he ran straight into Ratthapark Willairot’s back and got his bike smashed into pieces.

Still, he comes out stronger and faster every time, that is exactly the mentality needed in racing at such a level.

There are doubts in everyone’s mind, some are scared of spiders and some of dentists, though falling from a motorbike and that too at high speed doesn’t bother him. Usually riders aren’t much worried about crashing when they know the reason why they did crash and Marquez would learn from all these accidents.

One other rookie to Catalunya is Briton Bradley Smith, whose finger was ground to bone in Italy in one crash. It might not be a very big injury but an awkward and painful one when one moves around over a bike.

Champion Lorenzo got back to the dominant best in Mugello and seems better compared to Pedrosa at having his tyres managed that could prove essential for rest of season.

All bikes have been set between hard and soft tyres at this moment. Soft tyres are liked for the grip but they aren’t durable like hard tyres.

At one time, Valentino Rossi was master in adapting his style of riding to his tyres’ state. For first 5 laps, he would aggressively ride, change style for next fifteen laps and change yet again for last 5 laps when tyres get shot. Also Lorenzo seems to acquire that knack which helped him to be victorious in Mugello.

On Monday, Suzuki is testing the bike and it’s hoped they will decide to come again for the year 2014. That will be one more factory bike over grid and there’d be quite many riders eyeing big cheque of pay for getting on it, importantly Cal Crutch low of Britain.

Suzuki has been regularly getting 5th and 6th-placed finishes quite regularly and would prove competitive when they do come back.

In Moto2 class, forty-three point lead is built up by Scott Redding. There is much to be done still but he would be already thinking that he’ll be insane to squander a lead like this. If he continues to win races, then title would watch out for itself, though he could afford to now take care of races and couldn’t take risks.