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The Importance of Investigation in a Motorcycle Accident Case

In San Mateo, motorcycle accidents are becoming more and more common. People are constantly suffering because of someone else’s negligence. In addition, in a motorcycle accident case, many different types of vehicles are involved, including cars and other motorcycles. This makes it hard for the victims to seek compensation since they can’t determine the liable party for their accident. In such cases, it is important to hire lawyers from reputed law firms such as the personal injury law firm of Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, in San Mateo, which has extensive accident investigation experience.

Importance of Investigation in a Motorcycle Accident Case

1. Recovery of lost or hidden photos

Having the proper investigative resources can also be very helpful in recovering evidence that may have been lost. For example, in motorcycle accidents, one of the most common reasons for having useless photographs is that they were taken from a different perspective than intended. A police officer may have taken pictures from the driver’s side of the accident scene. However, if your injuries required hospitalization, those photographs would not show the full extent of your injuries. In such situations, it is best to use an investigator who works for you and can take pictures from various angles.

2. Identifying the other vehicles involved in the accident

It is also essential to have an accident investigation team evaluate who else was involved in the collision. It is necessary if there are no witnesses and a motorcycle accident victim has not had his motorcycle appraised for insurance purposes. In such situations, an investigation team must identify any other vehicles that may be at fault for your motorcycle injury. For example, investigating groups can sometimes determine whether the car driver’s negligence caused your injuries in a head-on collision, or some other factor caused it.

3. Identifying witnesses

It is helpful to have an accident investigator because they can identify witnesses not recognized by the police. After all, investigating teams often have a better chance of finding witnesses who are not as affected by what happened and, therefore, can give a more honest eyewitness account.

4. Assessing damage to properties

An investigator can also help in situations where the other vehicles involved in your motorcycle accident were not insured by their insurance companies. Accident investigations may determine whether there is damage to a car, motorcycle, house, or another property.

5. Documenting the injury properly

The insurance companies will also look at photographs of your injuries, whether sustained in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. Therefore, even if you can remember the extent of your injuries and how you felt, it is essential to get documentation from an experienced investigation team.

6. Assessing your medical expenses

Of course, there is no way for a motorcycle accident victim to determine how long their treatment with doctors will continue or the cost of such treatment. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to get the investigating team to write down the names of all your scheduled appointments and their estimated cost.

By assessing the situation, your motorcycle accident case can gain more credibility. It is an excellent idea to have the investigating team look into any insurance policy of the vehicle involved in the accident with you and determine whether that other vehicle was uninsured.

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