Motorcycle Crash Document Checklist to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Do you want to win your motorcycle crash case?

Motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to become fatalities in accidents. If you want compensation for damages, it pays to get an expert lawyer. However, maximizing your spending is a must.

Your first step is to prepare the necessary documents. It ensures your attorney understands the situation. As a result, your case becomes more solid.

Not sure what documents to get? Read on as we share our motorcycle crash document checklist.

Police Report

Law enforcement will record details about your motorcycle crash. It details the happenings, witnesses, and physical damages. After that, they gather these into a single yet comprehensive report.

Some restrictions may apply on how to get a copy of the report. It all depends on your current state. For example, you need to give your VIN alongside other details online in Tennessee.

Photos and Videos of the Incident

If you have media related to your case, show your lawyer. Show pictures showing the damage to your motorcycle. When possible, show images of the landscape, weather, and other contributing factors to the crash.

Did you get injuries from the accident? If so, take pictures while you’re seeking treatment. For example, record broken bones before, during, and after the cast.

Statements from Witnesses

Ask witnesses for a recorded testimony at the crash scene. If you can’t, get their name and contact information instead. Give these to your lawyer since it allows them to connect.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will ask for the witnesses’ perspective on the incident. It allows them to glean more details you could miss or forget.

The police report will contain witness statements. However, nothing beats interviewing the source. It ensures no misinformation or misunderstanding occurs.

Medical Records and Bills

Consult a doctor after a crash, even if you think you have no injuries. After receiving treatment, maintain a record of every physician visit.

Ask your physician to print an after-care report. It will contain everything discussed during your visit. Your lawyer can use them to prove the severity of your injuries.

Some judges may also require medical records to prove your injury timeline aligns with the accident. If you went through extensive medical procedures from various doctors, get their names and contact details.

Insurance Information

It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle without proper insurance. Bring your insurance coverage documents and proofs of payment on your first lawyer visit. They will use it as evidence of your diligence in paying the premiums.

Did you talk with your insurance company? Include phone conversation records, letters, emails, and other correspondence.

Assemble the Best Motorcycle Crash Document Checklist Now

These are some items to include in your motorcycle crash document checklist. Never let a motorcycle accident injury impede your finances. Use these as a starting point for your case.

However, finding a reputable lawyer is your priority. Look for a law firm with an impeccable reputation for expertise and experience.

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