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By Sea or by Air? How to Move Your Belongings to a New Country

One of the most stressful aspects of moving to a new country is having to ship your items to a new location.

So what do you do? What is the best way to ship your items when moving internationally?

There are different factors that you have to consider for taking your items overseas.

We’ve put together this detailed guide to help you out.

The Guide to Moving Internationally

There are many factors that you need to consider to help you decide on the best way to pack your items and ship them internationally.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Throw What You Don’t Need

You need to have an honest look at your items and think about what can be thrown away.

You will find that a lot of items that you have in your home can be discarded and this will make the packing process a lot less stressful. You should also consider the space you will be moving into when you move abroad.

You also have to consider the size of your new home. If you are moving from a house in suburban America to a small apartment in a European city center, you will likely not have space for all of your items.

Once you throw out your unnecessary items, you’ll be ready to start looking for the cases to pack your items.

2. Get the Best Cases

Before you start packing your items, make sure you first have the best shipping cases available.

You want to make sure that your items are packed in a case that is sturdy and that can hold as many items as possible. One of the key rules of shipping items overseas is that you are able to pack as much in as few shipping cases as possible.

Browse around for the best cases for your items before you move on to anything else.

3. Furniture

One of the most stressful aspects of packing and shipping will be sending your furniture overseas.

If you have furniture that can be taken apart – such as IKEA furniture – then it should be taken apart and shipped. This type of furniture is best to send via ship.

You also want to consider that you may wish to leave your furniture behind or sell it off or give it away. It might be better to purchase or rent new furniture when you show up to your new home overseas.

If your move is temporary, then you should definitely consider renting your furniture abroad as opposed to moving your furniture.

4. Storage

You may want to consider keeping any excess items in a storage facility. Especially if you are going to move temporarily, you may wish to safely keep your items in a storage facility.

If you decide to permanently settle in your new home, you might be able to request the storage facility to send the items to your new home overseas.

You may also want to research storage facilities in your new country overseas. If you do opt for a smaller space, you may have to depend on the storage facility to keep your items as they may not fit in your smaller space.

5. Using Sea Freight

Now let us look deeper into the different types of freight for shipping your items. The first is sea freight.

This is actually the most economical type of freight. As it’s significantly cheaper than other forms of freight, it’s also the most popular. If sea freight is an option available to you we highly recommend it.

The way it works is that the sea freight company will send a large shipping container to your home. In this container, you will keep all of your items (that you cannot carry with you directly). This container will be sent back to the sea freight company and will be kept on a vessel.

This vessel will meet you in your new home and you can arrange to have the items sent directly to your new home.

6. Using Air Freight

While not as common as sea freight, you still have the option of air freight. This is far more expensive and there is usually a weight limit. As a result, you should only consider this if you have a few items to ship, you want to retrieve them soon, and you can afford to splurge on the service.

The main drawback for most movers is the limited cargo on a plane. Nevertheless, as air freight is much faster than sea freight, the high cost means that you can start your new life as soon as possible when you move abroad. If you are in a serious rush to move out, then you want to consider using air freight.

You may also want to consider using both services. If you have some items that need to be accessed quickly – such as clothes, electronics, etc., then perhaps you want to send these on air freight and other items on sea freight.

7. Look at the Guidelines, Laws, and Rules

Finally, you want to look at the guidelines, laws, and rules before you move abroad.

There might be certain items that you would not be allowed to take to a foreign country. There might be customs duties, taxes, and additional fees that you would have to pay if you ship your items abroad. You may want to consider if the fees and the laws that you have to follow are even worth your time.

You want to also speak to your freight companies on what rules they put on you before agreeing to use them. You want to make sure that you can adhere to these rules beforehand and whether it’s worth the hassle!

You should also use this time to connect with locals and ex-pats in your new residence to ask them for advice.

Get Ready to Move!

Now that you know the best methods for moving internationally, you are ready to pack your items. Choose the best options for freight and you’ll have an easier time with moving.

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