Government of UK defended the services of security against criticism that they did miss signs that might have assisted in preventing murder in London of a soldier.Security services have to face Commons inquiry when it got confirmed that two men were arrested over Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder and were known by MI5.
But according to the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, it wasn’t possible to control just everyone at all times.
Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo were the suspects.

It is told by Mr Pickles that MPs and peers would do thorough investigation of what is known by security forces but he had seen experts of security explaining that it is tough to control others in an independent society.
Drummer Rigby, at the age of 25, got murdered over a street located in Woolwich, London on the afternoon of Wednesday.

A short time after this killing, one man who is considered to be Mr Adebolajo at the age of 28, was then filmed by some passerby, saying that he carried out this attack because the soldiers of Britain killed the Muslims.
Armed police came to this scene thirteen minutes after first call to 999 and shot those 2 suspects who did not make any attempt to run away.

Over thirty people attended the prayer service that took place in the hometown of Drummer Rigby, Middleton, in Greater Manchester on the Friday morning. The residents of Langley estate, the place where Rigby grew up, were urged to have the union jacks flown by the community activists.It is in Cyprus, Germany and Afghanistan that Drummer Rigby served.Richard Barrett, the previous counter terrorism head at MI6 told how tough it could get to detect the attacks of such type as seen there in Woolwich, in spite of the suspects being known for 8 years to MI5.
He said that he assumed those people were likely to come out of small group with no significant connections in UK or any connections overseas.

The former commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Lord Blair, said that he had hoped that the committee that was investigating how suspects were controlled would take some action quickly to establish that what went wrong.
He thinks that it was important for public to hear that what was mistaken or if any decision was taken badly as it is important for public to get to know that the police and security services were properly operating.The comments he gave came in the form of video footage, showing  the instant police aimed at Mr Adebolajo (originally from Romford, east London) as well as Mr Adebowale, aged 22 (from Greenwich).

It shows a man charge at the police which was sitting in patrol car. The knife is dropped by him as he gets shot and then falls to ground.Drummers They are trained infantrymen for fighting and musicians as well
Could be deployed in any area of worlds in 24 hours Are given training of drum, and could play drum according to their respective regimental tunes. Bugle could be played by some too.Another man is also shown, aiming gun at the officers while he runs towards different direction. Eight shots are heard to be fired by police at both of the men.

These suspects are in separate hospitals in London, under fully armed guard, in a steady state without any life-threatening injuries. It is said that police are standing guard out of Mr Adebowale’s home that is in Greenwich.
A man as well as a woman are being investigated by detectives at a police station in south London after being arrested on the Thursday night for suspicion of conspiring to murder.

A footage has also been revealed showing Mr Adebolajo taking active part in Islamist demonstration held in April in the year 2007against arrest of some man who was from Luton.He’s shown to be standing with the leader, Anjem Choudary, at that time of al-Muhajiroun organization which is now banned.He said that he was really shocked about all that happened. According to him, one man who is killed in street isn’t equal to hundreds and millions that are been killed by American and British foreign policy.

Many members of Muslim community Ahmadiyya in London are to gather to offer the prayers for dead soldier as well as his family, along with expressing solidarity in opposition to extremism.
Rafiq Hayat, the National president, said that it is hoped perpetrators of the crime, which is based upon warped and twisted ideology, are put to justice.This Thursday, Rigby’s family did pay tribute to the loving husband, brother, father, son, uncle, and friend of many.

In one statement, they said Drummer Rigby could do anything for just anybody and that he always protected and looked after the sisters he had. They also told he has a son who is 2 years old.

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