If there’s one thing every homeowner dreads, it’s water accumulating anywhere indoors. Left unchecked, even minor drips and leaks can snowball into major moisture issues that can impact your home’s integrity or even your health.

In other words, you’re not alone if you’ve ever seen a puddle in your mechanical room and thought in a panic, “Oh no, my air conditioner is leaking water!” If this sounds familiar, take a deep breath: we’ve got you covered. Below are a few things to check if you notice this worrying issue.

Look for Obvious Broken Parts

Leaking Water

In some cases, your air conditioner leak may be the result of an obvious broken component. Look for any damaged, rusted, or broken drain lines, and check to be sure that the condensate tray that collects water is still intact. If any of these components are the issue, you can avoid air conditioner repair by replacing the broken part.

Change Your Air Filter

It might be hard to believe, but something as simple as a clogged air filter can lead to a leaking air conditioner! Experts advise you to change your air filter at least once every 30 days. However, you may need to do it more or less often depending on your air conditioner usage and household makeup.

When your filter gets clogged, it blocks air circulation throughout your HVAC system. The lack of airflow across your system’s evaporator coil can cause this part to freeze and melt, which can in turn cause water to pool in the area. Changing your filter can sometimes be enough to fix this issue.

Check for a Clogged Drain Line

Dual Fuel Air Conditioning

One of the most common culprits when it comes to an air conditioner leak is a clogged drain line.

As your system works, debris like dirt, mold, dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants can clog it. When the line is clogged, your HVAC system can’t send water to drain outside of your home. If you have access to a wet/dry vac, use it to remove any clogs in the line.

Contact a Specialist

If the basic steps above aren’t enough to help when your air conditioner is leaking, it’s time to call in the pros for air conditioner repair.

Issues like a faulty installation, for example, aren’t things you can fix on your own. In some cases, an air conditioner can leak as a result of low refrigerant, but homeowners should have an expert top up this hazardous substance rather than trying to do it themselves. An expert can also perform a more thorough check of your entire system, including worn or broken condensate pumps and other parts.

HVAC System

Stop the “My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water” Panic

No one likes to come home and find a puddle of water where it shouldn’t be. Stop the panic over the thought “My air conditioner is leaking water” by following the steps above, and don’t hesitate to reach out to an AC repair technician for expert help.

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