Great Lakes are one of the largest guarantees of loans for students out there and have over 51 billion to its name current balance sheet.  They are a nonprofit that focuses on making certain that they are in fact able to assist people with going back to school and continuing their education.  These days with all of the busy schedules and complicated information out there it is very nice to have everything handled through a website so that you do not have to worry about dealing with paper billing or checks and receipts.  In order to do this all that is necessary is to have a user name and a password and this will make things much easier to make certain that you are able to access your account any time.

  • Visit the site .
  • Put in your user name and then you can click Log in.
  • If you have any issues accessing your account you can click the link that says Trouble Accessing Your Account and then you will be able to put in your information to retrieve your user name and password and if you have not you will then be able to sign up and then continue to the site and put in your information and move forward with your sign in process.


  • Next you can then create a user name and then a password.  Following this enters in your social security number and date of birth and then click continue, and then you can verify your identity and create a pin and a security image.  After this you will receive an email that has your information and then you will be able to sign in and then access your account.  Make certain that you put in the information to ensure that you are able to access your account and you will be able to sign in and manage your account.

Sign in today and manage your account today with payments and other information to make sure that you have access to all of your accounts.