Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, the one to lead burgeoning Homeland Security Department through many policy changes during the post Sept.11 era, happens to be resigning to be the head of system of University of California. Napolitano, just 3rd person for leading department which is ten years old, told the senior staff on Friday that she will leave for California.

Napolitano will become president of system of University of California, which includes the University of California, Berkeley as well as UCLA, among others. The University of California declared nomination of Napolitano’s to be twentieth president of statewide system.

She said that opportunity of working with dedicated people of Homeland Security Department, who serve to protect communities and our families from any harm, was my career’s highlight.
She said that after 4 years focusing over those challenges, she would be nominated to be next University of California’s president and this way she would get chance of serving the nation by playing role in educating the leaders of the nation from next generation.

She thanked President Obama for this opportunity and further added, “I know the Department of Homeland Security will continue to perform its important duties with the honor and focus that the American public expects.”

A statement was issued by Obama appreciating Napolitano for the outstanding work that she performed on the behalf of American people during the last 4 years. He said that at Department of Homeland Security, portfolio of Janet included some toughest challenges that are faced by US.

He said that she’s worked 24/7 to encounter the natural disasters, be it Joplin tornado, Hurricane Sandy or helping the Americans rebuild and recover. Obama further said the people of America are safer as well as secure, owing to the leadership of Janet in protecting US against the terrorist attacks. She was a former governor of Arizona as well as attorney general and got appointed in 2008 by Barack Obama.

She led that department through many policy changes regarding protecting safety of public, including focus on the enforcing laws of immigration. During her tenure, widespread DHS policy regarding use of prosecutorial discretion was implemented when immigrants were arrested within US without consent, saying that her department wanted to focus the scarce resources it had on the criminals and the ones who posed threat to national security and public safety. Also, she helped in establishing the plan for providing temporary relief that was from the deportation for many young immigrants arriving in US illegally and those who didn’t have any legal status.

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