Know Your Neighborhood And Keep It Safe

Know Your Neighborhood And Keep It Safe

It doesn’t matter if you are inquiring about the neighborhood in which you already reside or you’re moving to a new neighborhood and wish to be familiar from the moment you arrive, there are great tools presented by the National Police Association (NPA) to help keep your neighborhood safe. Always be aware of where the nearest hospital, police station, and fire station are located. If you have children and other family members staying with you, then ensure they know those locations by memory as well.

Always keep the contact information to these places in an easy-to-find area. You can very easily leave the contact information on your refrigerator for quick access. Reach out to your neighborhood watch and join in the effort to keep your neighborhood safe. You can also be the driving force behind starting a program if your neighborhood doesn’t have one in place already.

Preventing Crime

Preventing Crime

Staying informed and aware of everything around you is the most effective way to prevent crime in your area. The National Police Association insists you stay connected to all the available resources you have near you. You can learn everything you need to know about your area’s common crime occurrences, how you can assist in preventing them, and the best ways to keep your family safe by contacting your local law enforcement agency.

Even without contacting your local law enforcement agency to know how you can stay safe, there are a few basic things that you can do to ensure you and your loved ones greatly reduce your chances of becoming victims of crime.

National Police Association’s Safety Tips

National Police Association’s Safety Tips

The following are tips from the NPA that you can do today to help prevent crime. It’s all about taking action and utilizing the thoughts below:

  • Keep your home safe

The first step towards staying safe is ensuring your home is secure. Always check and make certain all your home’s windows and doors are locked. Don’t take the risk of having entry points that don’t have updated locks. Whenever you leave the house, you should leave every point locked. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for long or not. Time isn’t a factor when it comes to safety.

To ensure your house doesn’t look empty, keep some lights on when you aren’t home. Ask your neighbor to collect your mail for you daily as well if you’ll be going away for a longer period of time. Investing in an alarm system is another effective way the NPA suggests ensuring home safety. Preferably, install a system that can alert your local authorities in case something goes wrong at your house, like a break-in.

  • Ensure your digital information is protected

The National Police Association suggests all of your devices should be password protected; these include tablets, cell phones, and laptops. Have unique passwords in all of them so that strangers can’t easily gain access to them. It would be best if you stay extremely cautious about what you and your family post on social media that has to do with your home.

Sometimes you might accidentally post your address, location, or other private information. Update all your privacy settings if you’re going to share personal information on your social media, such as vacation itineraries or your children’s photos. Keep an eye on your children as well, who they talk to online, and what they share.

When you decide to go out to exercise or take a leisurely walk, be aware if you’re in an isolated area and turn off your headphones or refrain from using your cell phone in those moments.

  • Safety in numbers and car safety

There is always extra security when you are in a group or with a friend rather than being alone. The National Police Association encourages you to not hesitate to ask people around you to walk you home or to your car when you don’t feel safe. When it comes to your car, don’t ever leave valuables inside, and always ensure it’s locked.

  • Safety for travelers

When you’re traveling to a new place, always ensure you do some research prior. This will keep you informed on who you can contact to come to your rescue in case something happens. Get familiar with all the local customs and laws. This will increase your safety if you’re going to a different country especially. All your valuables and important documents should be stored in a safe place if you go out sightseeing. Don’t carry them on you if there’s a safe place to leave them.

  • Drug safety

If you have prescription drugs in your house, keep them in a safe place that’s out of sight of any curious burglars or even guests. It helps if you do not ever volunteer to share your medication with friends or guests of your home. It’s illegal to share prescribed medication, and it’s dangerous. You should be the only one taking your prescribed medication. If you have children, talk to them about drug use and the dangers involved. Let them know where they can get help and who they can talk to if they ever feel peer pressured to use drugs.

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