Portable storage may just be one of the best moving and storage innovations of the last 20 years in terms of convenience and cost. Because a portable storage container can be delivered to your business or home and picked up when you’re ready for it, these containers have also revolutionized the moving portion of the moving and storage industry. Therefore, they’re growing for good reason. You can load them on your timeline, and they can be retrieved on your timeline. The containers are easily loaded to transport trucks, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes based on your needs. Often, a portable storage container provides a better solution than a traditional storage unit for a variety of reasons. 

Reputable portable storage containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from steel to fiberglass, round to square, but all are heavy-duty, lockable, and weather-proofed to protect your most precious possessions or perishable food items. For businesses, these containers can be customized including colors, signage, and customized interior design depending on your storage needs. 

For businesses, portable storage containers can hold numerous boxes of like items making moving them for shipping much easier for businesses. Rather than one box at a time, one storage container of numerous boxes can be transported much more efficiently and help keep your warehouse organized. Depending on the size, a portable storage container can even serve as a temporary field office. The container, itself, can even serve as a temporary field office. 

Even though portable storage containers were originally designed for moving, their uses have expanded because of the versatility of these lightweight but sturdy containers. Here are just some of the most common uses for a portable storage container.

Adding to Your Home Storage

If you’re tired of parking in your driveway or you can no longer close your closets doors, a portable storage container can give you the extra storage space you need until you get the home of your dreams with a four stall garage. They can also help you clear the clutter from your home while “staging” it for sale

Moving on YOUR Timeline

By renting a portable storage container, homeowners set the pace for their move. They can pack boxes at their leisure, clean at their leisure, and load at their leisure, significantly reducing the stress of a big move. Then, they simply call the moving company to collect the container and have it delivered for them to the destination of their choosing. Homeowners even have the option of taking their time unpacking by simply extending the rental dates as long as they need. 

Storage and Security for Home and Business Renovations

During major home renovations, you’ll be receiving supplies, appliances, and using expensive tools and equipment to complete the job. Obviously, most homes don’t have the space to  accommodate the added supplies and products. Because the storage containers are secure, they also keep these expensive items safe during 

Business Storage Solutions

Businesses often experience the same storage space crunch as homeowners while they’re growing and expanding. Often, businesses own bulky items that they use infrequently, and a storage container on–site is a perfectly convenient solution. Important supplies are accessible on-site but kept out of the way in your busy work areas. 

Storage for Special Events of All Kinds

Portable storage containers are ideal for storing supplies, equipment, and merchandise for various recreational events such as large weddings and concerts in the part–and so much more. The possibilities are endless here.

Equipment Storage for Traveling Businesses

Many labor crews for plumbing, construction, landscaping and others must bring large equipment to various sites. These containers provide the perfect solution! Again, they can even serve as a temporary field office for long jobs away from headquarters. 
With portable storage, you can rest easy knowing your possessions are secure no matter how far away from them you roam!

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