The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma says condition of Nelson Mandela is critical, though quite improved.

Nelson Mandela, 94 years old, from South Africa, the 1st black president, icon of anti-apartheid efforts and struggle, has been admitted to hospital since June 8 in Pretoria due to lung infection.

Mozambique’s visit was caancelled by Mr Zuma to visit him at hospital.

Makaziwe, eldest daughter of Mr Mandela, said that he was responding to the touch and “still was there”. She criticized the media which was waiting like vultures to grab any news that came their way.

The criticism of Makiziwe has echoed sentiments of a lot of South Africans who don’t want to comply with the media covering the health of former president.

One report of the sort suggests Mr Mandela suffered the cardiac arrest so was taken to hospital and an unconfirmed media also reported that he was on the life support now. So, the details basically have been insensitive or either giving much information.

Meanwhile, media still is outside Pretoria’s heart hospital and also outside his house in Johannesburg.This particularly is uncomfortable for the South Africans who are traditional and consider all this media attention to be distasteful and against their culture.

There’s much respect for any death and before this event no one mentioned it before.

Still, in the dark hour, there are many praying for him to recover. Children released ninety-four balloons, for each year of his life, into air for his honour. Some are leaving supportive messages for Mr Mandela, who’s known by name of his clan Madib.

Khulile Mlondleni said that they didn’t like him to continue on the struggle and pain he suffered in his life, in this last struggle too.

John Ndlovu, 25 years old, said that they would all feel bad at his passing away, though they’ll celebrate his life in which he has accomplished so much for the country.Barack Obama said that his legacy would linger on forever.

The Speculation Warning

Paying visit to her grandfather, Ndileka Mandela told that it happened to be a tough time for family. She said that he was in stable condition then and it was really hard as everything was to be done in public’s eye.

Makaziwe said that he didn’t look good, though was stable then and he tries opening eyes when they speak to him. She criticized the media about the coverage.

Mac Maharaj, the spokesman of Mr Zuma criticized some of the media outlets regarding broadcast of unverified information, while the rumours also spread over the sites of social media.

Meanwhile, reports by media say that bodies of three Mr Mandela’s children were to be taken from his place of birth to his house in Qunu, the place he has said where he should be buried.

Mr Mandela is honored for leading fight against the rule of white minority in South Africa as well as preaching reconciliation in spite of staying imprisoned for twenty-seven years.In 1993, he was presented with Nobel Prize and got elected as president the next year. In 1999, he left the office after one term.

In 2004, he retired from the public life and is rarely seen at any official events from that time.He has long history regarding lung problems. He was diagnosed to have tuberculosis in 1980s while being prisoner in Robben Island, that’s off the Cape Town.

When he was released, he said that it was likely that the TB was due to dampness in the prison cell.

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