Having a more efficient home is what everyone desires. Air conditioning technologies have already come so far and the developments ahead are exciting and soon to be the new normal. So what are the new technologies to be found in air conditioning units/systems? They are zoning systems, ductless air conditioning systems, solar-powered systems/geothermal based systems, dual fuel systems, and last but not least predictive systems.

Homes and the technology within them become smarter and so it is only natural that the way we heat and cool our houses changes too. As with any new technology or product, it’s always nice to speak to experts, and over at Filter Buy, you can get all the help and advice you need.

Here Are The 6 New Techs

Solar Powered/Thermal Air Conditioning Technologies

This is a new HVAC technology that is sustainable. It is energy-efficient as it harnesses the power of the sun (solar panels).Β  No electricity is required and it can be run on gas as a backup, so it is ideal for those more rural homes that are not connected to mains utilities/supply; The future looks positive for this eco-friendly air conditioning unit. They are extremely effective and efficient and the only negative to see is that they have a high running temperature to generate the required electricity from those solar panels.

Installation may initially be more as you have to factor in such things as heat pumps and piping systems, however, once you have overcome these hurdles you should start to see the savings.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

This is very exciting as it is an air conditioning unit that’s powered by ice; it freezes large amounts of water overnight, and during the day it provides cold air conditioning which lasts for up to 6 hours.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Zoning Systems

This is great as it allows you to control each zone as a separate entity. If you want to keep some areas warmer than others then this is the air conditioning unit/system for you. The system allows you to set different zones which really is going to benefit growing families. Using different thermostats in different areas and rooms allows you to monitor your energy usage, and it is ideal for creating a streamlined energy efficient home. Zones are created using a ductless system. It is also possible to upgrade an existing air condition unit to feature a zone control panel.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless systems are very efficient and perfect for installing in both new homes as well as existing builds. Installing this type of unit does not require lots of ducts so it is noninvasive and affordable to install. You can also take advantage of a zoning system that will allow you to heat just the areas and zones you wish to.

Stay Alert – Predictive Maintenance

Who wants costly unpredictable maintenance costs – nobody! This system provides predictive maintenance so that repairs and maintenance can be preempted and planned. Having this technology will ensure that you can be more in control of any upcoming scheduled maintenance and repairs. Smart technology monitors air quality and equipment functioning levels, so it is then able to predict the timings for repairs and maintenance. Getting minor issues fixed before they turn into costly repairs will save you money and time in the long run.

Dual Fuel Air Conditioning

Dual Fuel Air Conditioning

This is perfect if you want to utilize a heat pump and a gas furnace. It is probably ideal if you live off-grid or in an area where the electricity supply is expensive. Although not one of the cheapest systems to install it can benefit you and your home all year round. In winter you get affordable heating, and in summer you get affordable cooling. In summer the pump pulls in warm air and in the winter using electricity, and in the winter the system relies more heavily on the gas furnace. This is an ideal system for milder climates where temperatures don’t really drop below freezing.

Air conditioning systems have come a long way, and who knows what technology will come along in the near future. The above-mentioned technologies will work towards making the energy supply a lot cleaner, greener, and affordable. There is a system to suit every home and every budget, all you have to do is decide which one is right for you. To do this look at your current system and decide what benefits you want to get. Once you have established what you are after and it is installed you will then begin to see the benefits of having a technologically advanced air conditioning system

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