New Car Owners: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Car

Cars rapidly depreciate, a new car’s value can drop over 20 percent in the first year of ownership. Car owners need to prioritize car protection and maintenance in order to protect the assets in their vehicles.

Follow these car maintenance tips, to increase the longevity of your vehicle and maintain its value. Keep reading to learn tips for protecting your car.

1. Prioritize Tire Maintenance

A tire’s tread is so the car can grip the road. Over time, the tires will experience wear and tear from driving, so check your tires can ensure that they are safe to drive on.

Tires also need to maintain a certain range of air pressure. Low air pressure can affect your braking capabilities and too much air pressure can cause a tire to overinflate and wear out quicker.

2. Protect Your Car From Weather

Cars are extremely durable, however fall victim to serious weather conditions. Many different types of weather can be damaging to your vehicle so it is important to be prepared.

Cold weather causes can cause damage to the exterior of your car. A blanket of snow can freeze your windshield wipers and other car parts. In snow, vehicle owners are advised to whip out car covers and let their cars heat up before driving.

In contrast, on particularly sunny days the sun’s direct rays can cause damage to your paint job and interior. The best way to avoid sun damage is to look for shade when you park your vehicle. You can use window deflectors or UV protectants to protect the interior of your vehicle.

3. Put Wraps and Covers on Your Car

A car wrap or cover is desirable for a cosmetic change to a vehicles’ exterior. However, automotive wraps and covers act as car protection as well.

Auto coats act as a shield from debris, scratches, and the sun’s harmful rays. Feynlab ceramic coats offer UV resistance as well as a thick appealing coat to your vehicle.

4. Routinely Check Your Fluids

Routinely checking your fluids can help you keep your car functioning properly. Low fluid levels can cause your brakes to fail, transmission to overheat, or obstruct your vision during rain.

Fluid level can drop because of a leak or use overtime. By checking your car’s fluids once every month or so you can ensure that your fluid never runs low.

5. Clean Your Vehicle Regularly

Most people routinely clean their cars. Cars naturally depreciate in value as they age. Cleaning your car is a great way to protect your car’s value and outward appearance.

A car’s exterior is always interacting with dirt, grime, and salt. All of these elements break down the car’s paint and metal. Scrubbing your car clean helps you wipe off all of the dirt that you accumulate while driving.

When you wash your car you should focus on cleaning the underbelly of the car as well. Rinsing the bottom of your car can help you protect the mechanical pieces of the car.

Use These Tips for Protecting Your Car

Protecting your car should be a top priority for vehicle owners. Maintenance on your car can help you avoid costly repairs keep your vehicle protected.

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