In these strange years, we should all be forgiven if we have fallen a little behind following fashion trends. Besides focusing on our health and well-being, we were also concerned with work and our families. We have fallen behind on so many things but as we feel adrift of positivism and the return to reality it is time to catch up on what is going on in the fashion world in 2021 and what fashion trends are obsessed in everyone’s minds. This last year left the fashion industry totally exposed and perhaps a little stunned because nobody was ready to handle the scale of impact this health crisis had on us all, not even the fashion world. Going from the usual physical to online fashion shows exclusively was certainly interesting to see because it was new, challenging but we saw the designers rising to the occasion. Even though it had some ups and downs, the fashion trends of 2021 are super inspired with some comebacks and shoes, accessories and apparel you have never seen before, fresh, minimalistic style, floral descent with beautiful cut line dresses, and more. We will discuss how the world of fashion changed after covid19 and how that was reflected in the newest fashion trends. Most importantly, today we will catch up with the fashion trends of 2021 and explore the possibilities that the fashion houses are laying down for us.

The Head Scarf

The Head Scarf

Yeah, that’s right, head scarfs are back. Long time, no see! It really has been a long time since we’ve seen this trend but it is exciting to talk about that again. This time it is not alone.  Head scarfs are being accompanied by a crazy amount of entourage of hair accessories. Different scratchies, head ribbons and bows pins, and so on. Hair accessories all of a sudden become a super dramatic and important item in any girl’s bag and for that reason alone the retailer market is giving them a higher price and you will notice that quality hair accessories will no longer be cheap.

The Wavy Dresses

The Wavy Dresses

The ultimate sass appeal of 2021 is the dress and it can be achieved easily with the V-neck line wavy dress. It is fascinating how amazing this dress looks because, on the surface of it, it is just the wavy top part of that dress that impresses. In fact, the best part of the dress is the contrast of waves and the silhouette and beautifully created lines which are mostly slimming and super feminine.

90s Charleston Denim

Of course, jeans will probably never go out of style but we have to declare skinny jeans obsolete for 2021. We are not saying that skinny jeans won’t come back but this year is it all about the 90’s vibe and freedom of disco-inspired Charleston jeans. Upgrading your denim collection is definitely a must for this season. Get yourself vintage fit denim of high-quality like Levi’s 501 Cropped Denim Jeans.

Bubble Gum Girl

Think about your favorite childhood candy but most importantly try and remember what it is like to be free and happy. This spring/summer designer has definitely set the mood of childhood nostalgia and trying to bring out the beauty of those happy and innocent times. To recreate the bubble gum girl look all you need are a few bright pastel-colored items. Maybe get yourself a green suit and pair it with a bright pink bag and your favorite white&pink sneakers and yellow printed socks. Sounds fun and free, right? That is how you get the bubble gum girl look working for you.

Visible G String Denim Element

You can’t miss this trend because influencers and fashion personas are going crazy over it. The element can be spotted in jeans, shorts, leather pants, skirts, and more. We can’t deny that the trend is super eye-catching and maybe it is because it is something that all women usually try to hide and now it is so out there and integrated like a part of the jeans or shorts you have on.

Active Sports Mode ON

It is not only healthy to be physically active and take care of your body but right now it is super lit. Basically, everyone is wearing fitness or professional gear wear or clothing spired by basketball, tennis, gymnastics, and more. Wearing your favorite sweats and a cool pair of chunky sneakers all matted in pastel bubble gum colors is all enough to be as fresh as possible this season.

You can finally go out and not only look good but above all else, feel comfortable while doing it. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Minimalist Sandals

Minimalist Sandals

Sandals took over the runaways across the globe from Paris and New York to Shanghai and Milan to pretty anywhere. We saw designers like Giamatistta Valli, Chanel, Miu Miu, and more. If you haven’t gone shopping yet, then grab some summer sandals to go with your dresses and flaunt your sandals!

2020 didn’t allow almost anyone to express themselves when it came to fashion. Most of the world was locked inside and for the first time in a long time, the fashion industry was halted. Now, with more than a year-long break, new trends are just waiting to take over the world. Use our guide to know what to look out for.

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