In the world of both travel and business, the internet has changed the landscape in unimaginable ways. There was a time believe it or not, where everything was conducted in person or in writing. There were no other options. (you know, because of that while no telephone, no internet thing.)  After the ring box came along, making travel reservations became much easier. None is truer, then in the hospitality industry. Fast-forward to the present day, and the options are endless. You can do so many things, with just the click of a button. If you are in the business of providing overnight lodging (looking at you; hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, and inns) then using the internet is a must. There is too much competition to be stuck in the past.

Let’s say you just opened up the doors to your new hotel. You feel great about the rooms, the decor, the food and drinks, the employees and the atmosphere. When planning the business, you thought about every possible aspect. Well except for one thing. Your web services. I hope you at least set up a website. And that website, better have the ability to book your guests from the comfort of their butts and fingers. No budget? No problem. There are certainly ways for you to do your own hotel booking website development. Certainly, there are several DIY websites options out there, but we want to focus on using WordPress. If you are not familiar, you will need to fire up your favorite web browser and search the wonders that are WordPress. Handling the development of your website is easier than you might imagine.

It’s a Big World Out There

If you are just entering the hospitality space, then you have plenty of competition to study. Try to emulate what the big kids do. Take the elements of what they do that work, and put your own spin to it. When you are planning your development, here are some key things to remember. The reservation page must be easy to find. The last thing you want is people struggling to stay at your establishment. Make sure you are using up to date calendars. Unless you have a time travel device, 2018 is useless.  There are third party companies that offer robust calendar and booking plug ins for WordPress, so those are worth looking into. This can potentially save you time and money. Do not forget to make sure that your pricing parameters are set. If you do not have your seasonality rates finalized, you better get it figured out. And when you do, make sure that your website is set up accordingly so that they are not standard all year. To those that are standard all year, that last part was not for you. You might want to create a robust system of sorting your rooms by features. Please remember to accept as many digital processing methods as possible. (think PayPal, Cryptocurrency, all the standard credit banks, etc.) With more potential clients like never before, don’t be afraid of helping them reserve your rooms, yourself!

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