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New kid on the block? Not quite

The scooter had to fight in the last few years with a neat competition. Roller skates, skateboards, and in-line skaters did not make it easy for the classic sports equipment to keep in the conversation for a long time. But in recent years, fast vehicles have become popular again and in 2019 they are often to discover again in the cityscape of many major cities around the world.

Construction of a scooter for adults

City scooters for adults are used almost exclusively as a means of transport and are therefore equipped with relatively large wheels. Big wheels have the advantage of being more stable on the road, and they offer a lot more smoothness on a rough piste or even a groomed one. Also, you can achieve higher speeds with a city scooter and thus get ahead faster with less effort. For active adults, we recommend models with a roll diameter of at least 150 mm.

The design of the city scooters is different from the normal scooters and stunt scooters because they are tailored specifically to the needs of adults and a higher user weight. The construction is not designed for tricks but optimized for high ride comfort. Larger wheels, a higher handlebar, and a longer and wider deck ensure effortless driving over long distances. The maximum user weight can be found in the technical specifications of the respective scooter.

Any scooter for adults that can be given a try, differs only slightly from a commercial scooter for children. Mostly the adult version can withstand more weight and has a less playful design . Colorful colors and cute motifs are more interesting for children. However, many disadvantages should not pop up in the test. Otherwise, a purchase is not worth it.

It is not allowed to cycle on a scooter. Besides, scooters often have a luggage rack available. If you want to go shopping, take no backpack, there is no need for it.

The purchase criteria

Looking for a scooter for adults you should read reviews to get started. But when the actual purchase is imminent, important purchase criteria must also be taken into account. We give you a hint here: A test on slippery roads gives a good impression of the driving experience with your new handicap scooters for adults.

Wrapping up

There are quite a few manufacturers that offer scooters with big wheels for adults. But no matter which name is used, the basic structure is always the same. The rear and front axles are connected via a stand board. A handlebar, which is upwards at a 90 ยฐ angle from the front axle, allows the driver to precisely steer the vehicle. The brake often comes in fender shape and are operated by pressure with the shoe.

We have selected for you from the huge offer the best models of these city scooters. Of course, even teenagers and older children with most models experience a lot of fun and enjoyment while driving.

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