Did you know that in the year 2017, nearly 5,000 people met their deaths while riding their motorcycles?

According to Tara Casanova’s report at the GHSA, riders over the age of 40 contribute to a high number of the fatalities. 

Another major fatality cause is alcohol and drug impairment. GHSA also noted that vehicles are responsible for most motorcycle accidents on the road. 

As much as motorcycle riding is exhilarating, and also an easy way to stay fit, the high number of fatalities and injuries should trigger your sense of safety.

Here are five motorcycle riding tips to help you get home safely. 

1. Get Your Skills Approved

Whether your country requires a license or a safety course for riding a motorcycle, make sure a professional is confident with your riding skills before you get on the road.

Even with such clearance, ride defensively. Avoid doing stunts on the road, no matter how clear the way appears to be. 

 2. Avoid Bad Weather

When it’s foggy, raining heavily, stormy and dark, it becomes nearly impossible to see the road ahead with clarity. Such weather conditions increase the chances of slipping on roads and causing accidents. 

One of the essential motorcycle safety tips is knowing the weather before-hand, and either opt for a safer means of transport or reschedule your ride.

Make certain that you study the weather forecast for every area you travel to and through, outside your home town. 

 3. Wear Protective Gear

In case your motorcycle has no storage unit, purchase a backpack with watertight compartments and an excellent central locking system that helps hold tight to the body.

Do not forget a helmet and be sure to have an extra one for the pillion. 

To protect your hands from slipping after sweating or getting bruised, wear scrape-resistant leather gloves with finger-bumpers and conductive fingertips for touchscreens.

Avoid sandals and wear riding boots. Get yourself an armored motorcycle jacket that will protect your skin during a fall. 

 4. Watch Out For Road Signs

Focus on clear spots when riding; forget the shenanigans going on along the road. Take note of each road hazard and adhere to them without hesitation. 

When speeding, you are not able to read out signs on the road; therefore, maintain the required speed limit. Always have an attorney in your speed-dial in case you require legal assistance after a motor incident. 

 5. Inspect Your Motorcycle

Before you hop onto your motorcycle, check if your horn and breaks are working.

How are your bike tires in terms of wear or pressure?

Do not assume the state of anything or procrastinate fixing a faulty part of your motorcycle. Even if your bike is brand new, make a point of inspecting it before each ride. 

Have Fun While Riding

Have as much fun as possible when riding your bike and stay positive that you’ll arrive alive.

Once you’ve checked out all motorcycle riding tips and you’re confident to begin your journey, wear your best mood and ride away. However, if you’re feeling skeptical, it’s never a bad idea to stay home and plan a ride for another day. 

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