President Obama along with family would vacation the coming month at $7.6M resort home in exclusive Martha’s Vineyard Island off the Cape Cod.

It was reported that Obamas’ accommodations in this summer happen to be step down as of the $21M Blue Heron Farm that they rented at this island the previous summer.

Rather, the 1st family would spend 8 days in a home that’s owned by David Schulte, manager of corporate finance, situated over nearly 10 acres having basketball court as well as ocean views.

This mansion does feature one master suite having its own porch, den, outdoor shower as well as access to one gymnasium.

Obama family is criticized for having many luxurious vacations which have cost the taxpayers many million dollars, especially when many Americans happen to be struggling to keep afloat in the sagging economy as well as living paycheck after paycheck.

Although cost isn’t tallied for the summer’s getaway, Obamas are not shy about expending million dollars of tax money to take break from rigors of the work of White House. Their last 4 trips cost above $20M.

Renting Vineyard farm during previous years cost $50,000 for a week. Above 70 rooms with upwards of around $345 for each night also have been booked in Wesley Hotel that’s for staffers of White House.

Add cost of the Air Force 1, which 1st couple often separately takes, plus the food and travel costs for staff and security, communication operations as well as cost to the taxpayers can easily exceed the $2M administration saved through canceling the tours of White House for the school children.

Michelle Obama’s Spain vacation in August 2010 cost the taxpayers $468000. The ski-trip weekend to Colo., Aspen, with her 2 daughters cost $83,000

The 1st family’s Hawaii vacation in 2010 cost $4M.

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