Do you wince in pain every time you sit down at your desk?

Workplace aches and pains are common among professionals, but is the pain worth the loss?

The longer pain lasts, the more inflamed your muscles become. This unhealthy inflammation increases the risk of workplace injuries, illness, and mental health issues. Pain also distracts employees from work, leading to slow productivity and lackluster performance.

You’ve pinpointed the problem; now it’s time to do something about it. Apply these office ergonomics tips to improve wellness and productivity.

1. Are You Stretching Enough?

Are You Stretching Enough

Do you remember doing morning stretches before school when you were a kid? The teacher would ask students to reach up to the sky and wave their arms like a tree.

Morning stretches and physical education (PE) helps young students perform at their best. Unfortunately, regular exercise gets lost in the shuffle of adult life. This lack of exercise has a direct impact on work performance, just like school grades.

Morning stretches are easy. Simple step aerobics and beginner’s yoga also work. You could even stretch along to a YouTube video!

Find what works for your routine, but remember to stretch everyday. You’ll notice a big difference.

2. Buy Ergonomic Office Furniture

Buy Ergonomic Office Furniture

All the stretches in the world can’t make up for an ill-suited desk chair. Poor desk chairs force you to hunch over and strain your neck, leading to chronic back pain or worse.

Look for high-quality ergonomic chairs with neck support, adjustable height, armrests, and lower back support.

The ergonomic philosophy applies to desks, computer monitors, coffee tables, storage, and office lighting. For example, you need a monitor that’s eye-level to reduce eye strain. Office lighting should also promote productivity.

You don’t have to go over budget to furnish your office with quality furniture, either. You can surf the web for great sale items that meet your ergonomic needs.

3. Office Ergonomics Tips for Wellness

Office Ergonomics Tips for Wellness

Do you feel like you’re always running on empty? This problem is one of the most frequently overlooked office ergonomic tips.

Every employee break room and office lounge should have a water cooler. You could also keep a water filter pitcher in the fridge. Office buildings should have accessible water fountains, as well.

Encourage employees to bring water bottles to work. Frequent dehydration leads to work fatigue, internal conflict, performance mistakes, and health problems. Employees can even faint on the job.

This office tip speaks to the importance of ergonomics and wellness to productivity. Along with drinking water daily, employees should get up and move on their lunch breaks. You could even install a gym in the office building to encourage daily exercise.

Providing fresh water is a great start, but you can always do more. Stock the office fridge with free healthy snacks, like fruit salads, yogurt, mixed nuts, dried berries, and fresh greens.

Discover the Importance of Ergonomics

Your old office chair has wreaked enough havoc on your work life. Upgrade your office furniture right away, commit to morning exercise, stay hydrated, and research the latest office ergonomics tips.

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