Opening Of The Model A Museum ‒ The Largest In World

  • Classic Ford Museum opens in campus of car museums at Michigan
  • Part of the Gilmore museum’s collection
  • The Model A is in a building that was designed after Ford dealership in 1928

If you happen to be an auto fan as well as living in upper Midwest in this vacation period, here is one other reason to stop by Hickory Corners, Mich. The largest in world-Ford Museum of Model A- opened in the last week over Gilmore Car Museum campus, which actually is museum’s collection, off I-94 that is near Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

Model A museum happens to be housed in the building of size 12,000 square-foot, designed  after Ford dealership in 1928. Money was raised by Model A Ford Foundation in order to have this monument built for the car which saved Ford back in late 1930s and 1920s when Model T, that was very successful, was about to be overtook by modern rivals.
This new building tends to be exception to many museums on campus, being found in the year 1966 by Donald Gilmore, Kalamazoo businessman. Most collection are put in the historic and large barns after being moved then rebuilt on grounds of 90-acre. Also, on grounds are found rail-car diner, restored station of gas from 1930s and a station of small-town train which houses a huge and fascinating hood ornaments and badges’ collection.

Other than the collection of museum, campus also houses the partner museums: Classic Car Club of America museum, a Tucker library and museum, Cadillac-LaSalle Club museum, Franklin Collection and Pierce-Arrow museum.
The grounds and museums offer great day especially when one loves history and machine for adults for 12 bucks. A favorite on the display while Drive On happened to be there, was the concertible cream-colored LaSalle with the owner being Bob Lutz.

Auto events are also hosted by Gilmore, including a concours next month for the classic Chryslers in 1965 being hosted on June 2 by Classic Car Club, show of one vintage motorcycle on 9th June, driving school Model T on 16th June and on 25th June, a show by air-cooled car.

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