The recovery process towards an addiction-free life becomes easier if you are undergoing therapy in a group consisting of people in a similar situation as yourself. It provides the required motivation for victims of substance abuse in their struggle towards returning to a normal, active life.

Long-term treatment and monitoring programs are effective in the case of most patients. Oro House Recovery Centers, located in California, offer in-house customized rehabilitation packages for addiction treatment.

addiction treatment

The residential facilities are luxurious, and the centers provide a view of the ocean in Malibu.

In-patient treatment process

  • For most patients, initially, there is a detox program for effectively overcoming withdrawal symptoms.
  • There is continuous medical supervision to check the levels of progress as the withdrawal process is very crucial. The symptoms can be both dangerous and uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Post detox, the next step consists of a customized treatment process as per the needs of different patients. At this stage, the patient is medically stable as there is no further consumption of substances.
  • In case the patient has health insurance, he can determine the expenses during the in-patient treatment in advance.
  • Availability of luxury treatment package for professionals who are accustomed to high-end amenities.
  • A treatment program suitable for young adults who require care and nurturing to face the challenges of life and become addiction-free.

substance abuse

There can be a variety of reasons behind an individual getting addicted to substance abuse. For example, genetic or hereditary factors, anxiety, depression, trauma or stress, and economic or social factors. Sometimes a combination of several factors can lead to addiction.

The treatment process at Oro House Recovery Centers is aimed at:

  • Identifying the cause leading to substance abuse, which can be a broken relationship or failure to perform at school or at the workplace, and several other factors. Collaborating with the victim’s family or close ones.

Work towards sorting out the problems that led to addiction besides providing treatment for de-addiction. It may include the rebuilding of a relationship or help the victim to work on the problem areas in his career or deal with stress.

Community-based treatment

  • Community-based treatment consisting of groups of five or six members in each team.
  • Treatment processes are designed by a team of highly trained mental, medical and behavioral professionals. The therapists have to undergo training and a continuous education process to keep themselves knowledgeable about the latest treatment processes.
  • Compliance with the updated protocols of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).
  • The Centers have been provided license by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and received accreditation from the Joint Commission to have both the detox and follow-up care in the same place.
  • An individual monitoring process according to the need of each patient is provided throughout the entire recovery session.

The most crucial part of the treatment process is to convince or get the victims to understand that they have a problem of addiction and it is harmful to themselves and those around them. Once this is achieved, the way to treatment becomes easier. Besides this, love and compassion should be an essential ingredient of therapy.

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