The concept of hiring staff members for a company has long ago went on a new level: outstaffing and outsourcing became a brilliant idea for numerous countries across the world. IT corporations are inclined to outstaffing as this approach remains as the one that saves you time, money, and other crucial resources. For instance, Scala development cost is extremely high in the US market ($83,472), so turning to outsourcing or outstaffing services not only will give you a full control over the development team, but also save a large amount of money. The tendencies of hiring people differ from country to country based on the pricing strategy, candidates’ competence, cultural aspects, and other factors. Therefore, it is important to analyze the market before choosing an appropriate country to fulfill your needs in terms of successful project completion with minimal risks and optimum cooperation.

Outsourcing presupposes you to give a project to be done by a team from another company. The concept is based on minimum interaction with the team, where all responsibilities and duties are put to the vendor. Many companies prefer this type of employing professionals as it considerably saves your time on managing the project. However, this absence of control may bring you undermined deadlines, poor quality, or exceed the limit of your budget. In outstaffing, you will need to invest much time and resources to manage the project by yourself, thus, be able to handle and make corrections during any stage of project development. You decide on the budget, deadline, and other aspects as well as mitigate possible risks through scrupulous team management.

How to Choose Your Perfect Outsourcing Destination?

Let’s now clarify what’s the difference and how to make a reliable and well-planned decision for you to get bang for the buck. First, outsourcing presupposes you to hand a project to a team within another company; you, however, barely have any access to the project development details. Employees who perform your tasks usually complete other projects as well. Speaking of outstaffing, this approach may be more appealing to you as you hire a person and further can communicate on the project development at any given time. These workers are officially employed by another company, thus, their employer takes responsibility for wages, office supply, recruiting costs, and other settings. This method of hiring employees is considerably cheaper for outsourcing as you only invest in the staff member.

The key focus while choosing any mentioned approaches falls into market expertise. You surely do expect your developers not only to be well-experienced, professional and responsible, but also mentally and culturally fit to prevent communication issues. 

Asia – one of the most tremendous continents that rapidly develops in all spheres of human occupation. Consequently, the talent pool in the employment market offers a dramatically huge number of resources. In addition to their growth and an overwhelming scope of workforce, the pricing for the services in outstaffing and outsourcing maintains considerably low. However, do not expect Asians, in particular, workers from Vietnam and India, to be able to handle laborious tasks. The cultural difference also plays a huge role in terms of communication and understanding establishment.

Moving closer to European countries such as Russia, Belorussia, Serbia, and others that also have an affordable price tag for outstaffing. But, since these countries do not fall into European Union, they possess a high level of corruption and often political tension situation, thus can lead to the risks of instability and insecurity. However, such threats are not applicable in all countries of the EU.

Based on the experience of overseas companies, European countries seem more credible and common for them to choose the candidates from. Poland, Estonia, Hungary, and other countries are beneficial as they are a part of the EU. However, there is no guarantee that developers from Poland won’t go to other more developed countries. As a result, you will lose the talents as you won’t be able to compete with the conditions they are offered from the competitors. 

Why Eastern Europe? Why Ukraine?

These days, Ukraine is considered as the leading service-providing country for many reasons. With its strained political situation (as well as war on the East) and economic decline, it is striving to catch up with the European standards in terms of service\product provision, quality, and competency of employees. For the last 5 years, the industry of IT boosted in terms of having an ample pool of talented professionals, responsible coding, and performing on the edge-cutting technological tools. Considering these reasons, a number of outstaffing companies has dramatically increased and promoted their services to many European countries as well as overseas. These days, there are more than 500 agencies that offer top talents for companies around the globe.

One of the top demanding and reliable companies that offer outstaffing services is Mobulinity. By entering the market in a humble way, today, they managed to expand the range of services to Canada, States, and most European countries. Through completing numerous projects in designing, programming, and other spheres, the company gained an impeccable reputation for most of its clients, expanded the list of return customers, and built a strong base of newcomers.

However, it is worth noting that Ukrainian IT market also has its pitfalls, such as hiring good specialists might cost you good money: for instance, junior developer would cost you starting from $700 while Senior would agree for no less than $4000. Moreover, specialists in IT are even more concerned about career opportunities and the complexity of a given project than the salary. A well-known fact – Ukraine is not a member of the EU, thus, the quality of life is lower, political instability is a common issue, and economic instability might reveal certain inconveniences. 


All in all, current tendencies in attracting the workforce through outstaffing and outsourcing continue spreading throughout the world. These two approaches have considerably facilitated the process of interviewing candidates for the companies, saved time, money, and other resources while, at the same time, provided the clients with brilliant cooperation and top-notch projects results. The more companies are striving to engage outstaffing or outsourcing, the more they contribute to the market development.