Whether your business is expanding or it’s just time for an office revamp, making a full office fit-out a success can be a challenge. The design of your office should reflect both your company and provide a space for growth, through design and functionality. Starting is always the hardest part. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 tips to make sure that you start fitting-out right!

Do Your Research – Get The Most Out Of Your Fit-Out

Every well-executed plan starts with the proper planning. Before you get to redecorating, start by evaluating the core needs and goals for your business. Remember to budget accordingly. Pay close attention to what you as a business need from your space.

Maybe you need to update your IT department? Or an employee common room with comfy chairs and a TV? Or more desks and cubicles to accommodate your employees and clients? Whatever your top priority needs are, pinpointing them is a good start. Identifying what your company needs most, will save you both time and money.

Get the Most Out of Your Fit-Out

Find Your Fit-Out Specialist

There’s a lot to consider when planning a full office fit-out. Space, furniture and fixtures, electrical, employee satisfaction, and budget to name a few. Whether you’re a veteran office redecorator or a new business owner, gathering all that intel by yourself will be demanding.

Luckily, there are services out there to help you! Through commercial fitouts, with the help of your fit-out partner, you can speed through the whole process much easier. Your fit-out specialist will help you oversee your office space through the detailed lens of a professional. Helping you streamline the fitting-out with less stress and more success. This will the job get done quicker, and with the right eyes overseeing the process, you may discover things you never knew you needed.

Get Your Employees Involved

When thinking about what your workspace needs, who better to ask than your employees? They’re on the ground every day, and getting their input in advance could save you some time and money. Employee input could be crucial to a successful office redesign. It can improve design, functionality, and accessibility, tailoring to your company’s needs.

To achieve good employee satisfaction, make sure to communicate the project through every sector of the business. From top to bottom. You can use this as an excuse to improve your HR department while you refurbish. Doing so will help improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your team.

Be Part Of the Experience – Get involved

Once you’ve found your fit-out partner and gotten started, you might think it’s time to take a load off. Wrong! You as a future owner of that new space, need to be present during the entire fitting process. You have to ensure that both the fitting-out is going smoothly and that your business’s productivity does not dip.

If you are refurbishing your current office space, if possible, try to split the fitting-out process. This makes it easier to track progress and make sure you don’t lose any working hours. Be proactive! Make suggestions and ask questions to ensure that your office is being fitted-out to your company’s liking.

Be Part of the Experience

Keeping Things Current

When planning a successful full office fit-out, it might be a good idea to do some research. Get some inspiration from what’s currently popular. You want your new office space to be a modern, functional, state-of-the-art environment for your business. A current favorite trend that companies are picking up on are lobbies, foyers, and stairs.

Lobbies and foyers provide an easy way to introduce your clients to your business as soon as they walk in. Staircases provide a stylish yet functional way to improve communication between employees. Get inspired and see which of these current office design trends would work best to update your working space. After checking these out, you’ll have enough motivation to make your office space look and feel better.

Plan For The Future

Plan for the Future

A common mistake that many make is not thinking about the longevity of your office fit-out. How is your office space redecorating going to hold up in 2, 3, or 10 years? How much is your next full office fit-out going to cost you, after this one? Is your fitting-out going to be sustainable?

You have to keep in mind that your workspace needs to be able to grow with and accommodate your company, as time goes on. If you’re a tenant in the office building, make sure to keep your future lease in mind in the upcoming years. Plan your office fit-out so that it doesn’t become financially unsustainable. We can’t predict the future of technological advancements, but we can plan!


As you can see, a successful full office fit-out is a challenging endeavor, but a doable and rewarding one too. Give your workspace a makeover to improve productivity and functionality! Focus on design, comfort, and sustainability, and don’t forget to keep your budget in mind!

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