How To Make Sure You Are Not Overcharged on Life Insurance Policy Fees

It is important to take measures against the unknown, especially when the unknown is quite very much inevitable. Seeing as how every human’s fate leads them down to the end, it becomes important to take precautions in safeguarding our family and loved ones from poverty. However, this kind of protection is not found without manipulation and deception. In particular, in a world where there is no shortage of fraud. That said, being overcharged for your life insurance policy is easy, and commonly, stumbled upon. The silver lining, there is a way to prevent that from happening. 

Ways to Avoid Getting Overcharged

The two-faced, dishonest insurers will always try to get you for all your worth. It is their job, and their behavior is somewhat innate. Nine times out of ten you will fall for their tricks, and their duplicitous act will conquer your better judgment. Fortunately for you, there are ways to catch the lying, sneering insurers in the act and avoid getting overcharged. 

Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that you can take them to court, should they become dishonest with the nature of the fees. However, slapping them with a lawsuit may be tricky. The legal experts at Kansas City Business Journal explained that a class-action suit was filed against the life insurance providers, and aboard the ship that sent the insurers to the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker was Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP, who represented the plaintiffs of Kansas City. It is said that they have won more than $2billion in Jury verdicts.  What this proves is that even though these kinds of cases can be tricky, there is still a great probability of winning a case given you have the right attorney for the job.

1. Make Sure You Are Not Labeled as Obese If You Are Lifting Weights

Your health is often measured against a Body Mass Index (BMI), which is far from perfect. Insurers use the gap holes in this index to tamper with your supposed payments and overcharge you. They will look to see if you lift weights, and, based upon the results, they will most likely label you obese, which then triggers a bunch of other things. These include your payments.

2. Low Carb Diets Can Have Insurers Overcharge You

The unscrupulous bunch will really not have the limits of ethics and basic morals bind them. If they find out, which they will, that you are following a low-carb diet, which is a very popular type of diet, they will overcharge you. This will be done under the false statement that you have an unhealthy level of cholesterol. 

3. Running Can Lead to Heart Problems

This clearly does not make any sense, as well as being untrue. However, insurers will see it that way. The way it is done is by measuring your heart rate. Fit people tend to have lower heart rates, which can be lower by 60 beats per minute, diverging from the standard 60-100 beats per minute to a 40-60 average. They will then decide that you have a heart problem, which is not the case.

4. They May Not Give a Discount for Being Health Conscious

You must expect to take a Health IQ quiz, which will decide if you are a health-conscious individual or not. This should give you a small discount on your insurance, which can go from 4% to 8%.Insurers are not always so sneaky and horrible. However, awareness is needed in regards to your life insurance policy. You may fall for other tricks, which they often get away with. Still, it is best that you avoid some of their most common tricks. As long as you are wary and review your policy you will likely not get overcharged, but if you do, you can always take them to court. The compensation will make them bleed.

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