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Pain Relief Techniques You Probably Didn’t Know

Pain, especially chronic pain, affects more than the physical body. It is psychologically nerve-wracking and can result in anger and frustration. The worst is that pain and stress form a vicious circle where pain could lead to increased stress levels, and if sadly, the stress level shoots up then the pain gets worse.

Although hurting, pain can alert you that something unusual has happened. For example, having sprained your ankle. However, there is the other side of pain; a pain that could last for several weeks, in some cases months, causing deep suffering ending up messing with your entire life. Luckily, there more treatment options today compared to the past. Top options for pain relief you probably did not know about are available around us.

Here is a list of five to grant you effective pain relief:

1. Get a hot or cold pack

The hot and the cold pack remedy is the oldest trick in the list yet most of us do not understand its significance. Getting a cold pack eases pain by numbing the painful area to reduce swelling and inflammation, bleeding as well. Ice towel, ice pack, or cold press are great packs for pain. A hot pack on the other hand brings more blood to the applied area, and reduces joint stiffness and muscle spasm. Some of the hot packs include warm towels and heat pads.

2. Regular exercise

The secret to joint pain relief is exercise. It becomes a problem especially when you cannot enjoy the daily pleasures of taking a walk, lifting grocery bags, or playing sport with friends and family. Physical activity plays a significant role in improving chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Therefore, gentle workouts like zumba, cycling, swimming, and walking play a critical role in the healing process.

3. Therapeutic technology

Effective therapeutic tech as witnessed on Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter TENS improves circulation by working the tension and stiffness in muscles and joints, alleviate aching feet, and best of all, relieve pain. These gadgets present an effective modern sensation used to override pain signals and encourage an ideal approach for pain relief.

4. Mind-body techniques

Buddhists mainly use mind-body technique in a religious setting. The method includes a collective approach of meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises to help you cool down and avoid worsening the situation. Mind-body control has proven to be one of the top pain relievers for a significant number of people.

5. Good music

A legend in the art, Bob Marley, once noted, “One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. To support this fact academically, recent studies have shown that listening to music is great pain relief, particularly for stress and anxiety. It does not matter what genre, provided it is good music – lose yourself!
The above pain relievers coupled with yoga and tai chi is the best start for anyone with pain. This will not only release you from the trouble but also strengthen your muscle and relax your mind from the pressures of life. Ease the pain by seeking expert attention in case the pain worsens or is taking more than the expected time of healing. Remember, ignoring the pain will not end the pain.

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