For any travel that involves flying can be hectic sometimes. If you are going for a business trip, you will require a moment of planning before your departure date. You have to deal with rental cars on your destination, hotel booking, house sitters, in case you have a pet that is an extra burden to consider. As if that was not enough, you have to address another issue – where to leave your car while you are away.

To some travelers, car parking process is a thorny issue due to the stress it can bring to you if not properly organized. However, Newark airport parking, you don’t need those long processes to secure a parking space. They are now using Parkos system in all their parking lots to alleviate the painful process most travelers undergo in many airports. 

Parkos, allows you to book, reserve, and to compare prices online while at home through their website. Parkos – not only can it help you with car parking at Newark, but beautify your traveling experience. How? Let’s see here below.

Easy Booking Process with Parkos

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. According to the NJ site, in 2017 alone, the airport recorded new statistics of over 43 million passengers that used the airport to fly. More traffic means fuelling of economic growth which boosted a better car parking in the process. Parkos tapped the airport to ease new approach of car parking by helping those with urgent business trips to find it easy acquiring a space at EWR parking

Some travelers are hesitant to leave their car for fear of parking rates accumulating while away. With Parkos, you can compare the prices of the available parking spot and no hidden fee. The good thing is you do it online which saves you time and money. Parkos guarantees you cheap fees, the security of your car, and if you decide to change your option or cancel, it is free. Doing it for the first time? Don’t worry, you can rely on the help of Parkos experts to assist you to secure a parking space

Newark Car Park Charges

Airport car park rates are what determine the type of parking you choose. Whether going for holiday or business trip, all parking rates are easy to check on Parkos website. 

Short term parking: If the kind of parking you need is short stay, it also depends on how long you stay at the airport. For instance, half an hour at Newark parking terminal A, B, C & garage goes for $4. If you stay for one hour the charge is $8 and any additional ½ hour you pay $4 in that order. If your short term parking goes to 24 hours, the charge is $39. For garage (p4) the charges are the same as others, but for the 24-hour option is $34. Parking lot 6 which is placed approximately 3 miles distance from the terminal area the charges are $18 for 24 hours and as from that, an increment of each 8 hours is charged at $6. 

Long term Parking: This is the most preferable option, however for only those exceeding 6 days onward. Long term parking saves you a lot of money compared to short term parking. For parking lot terminal C ($39 daily) plus P1, P3 ($27 daily) and P4 ($34 daily) are open for long term car parking. If you opt for economy type, parking Lot P6 ($18 daily) and off-site Newark parking lot offer more affordable rates. However, this changes when done on Parkos website, and long term parking option has a discount for those who reserve for space before the departure date.


 When going for your business trip/ holiday travel, focusing on important details of your journey is good for you. Parkos gets in the way to keep your journey from any distraction by making Newark car parking process swift. You will enjoy the speedy process either short or long term parking choice.

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